6 Direct Mail Best Practices For Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The holidays are one of the busiest, most exciting times of the year. Considering everything going on during the holiday season, capturing your target audience’s attention is often quite challenging. That’s why marketers benefit from taking every opportunity available during this time of year to connect with their core audiences. Learning and using direct mail best practices allows you to leverage postcards and letters to strengthen your connection with prospects.

During the busy holiday season, this type of outreach has the potential to make a bigger impact on the decision making of your prospects than you can imagine. Some direct mail best practices that you should keep in mind for your mailing campaigns this holiday season include:

Rely on Direct Mail Automation To Manage and Upload Mailing Lists

Maximizing the potential of direct mail marketing during the holidays starts with having a quick, easy way to upload your contact list. Without it, you may be forced to reintroduce yourself to new prospects which isn’t ideal at this point in the year. That’s especially true if you’ve spent valuable time during the past few months building a rapport with contacts that are already familiar with you and your brand. By relying on GrowMail for your direct mail marketing automation, adding your contacts and engaging them in direct mail campaigns couldn’t be easier.

Use Direct Mail to Develop an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

If you think you need to get rid of one of your current marketing methods in order to add direct mail into the mix, think again. One of the best ways to get better results from your marketing efforts during the holidays and into the new year is by developing an omnichannel marketing strategy. An omnichannel marketing strategy entails increasing brand awareness both on and offline. By combining direct mail with your digital marketing efforts, the likelihood of your prospects taking action upon receiving your message rises.

Coordinate Your Communications Cadence With Mail Tracking

Using multiple channels to communicate with your target audience is easier than you think. That’s the case especially when you’re able to track the direct mail that you send to prospects. By relying on GrowMail for your direct mail campaigns, you’re able to track when your postcard or letter arrives at its destination. This provides you with the ability to better plan your approach for following up with your prospects.Targeted mail software on a desktop with a postcard promoting online ordering.

Make Sure Your Postcard or Letter Contains an Effective Call To Action or Offer

The goal of any direct mail campaign is to get prospects to take a specific action. A common mistake that many marketers make with their direct mail marketing campaigns is failing to include a clear, actionable call to action. Without clarity on what prospects should do upon receiving your postcard or letter, they’ll probably just throw it in the trash. The best way to avoid that is to combine a visually appealing postcard or letter with actionable instructions.

Include Personalization in Your Direct Mail Campaigns

One reality of the holiday season is that efforts to sell goods and services always kick into high gear. That has the potential of making the process of outreach less personal, and more robotic. By emphasizing personalization in your direct mail campaigns, you’ll allow your marketing to stand apart from the crowd. That has the potential to make prospects more eager to learn more about your brand. GrowMail offers an API that seamlessly integrates with your current CRM and ecommerce platforms which makes personalization simple.

Make Direct Mail Follow-Ups a Part of Your Routine This Holiday Season

Another direct mail best practice to keep in mind this holiday season is that sending postcards and letters isn’t just effective for prospects. Sending direct mail to contacts even after they’ve purchased helps increase the likelihood that they’ll remain engaged with your brand afterwards. Additionally, using postcards and letters to reconnect with customers allows your brand to stand out from others that don’t engage customers once they’ve bought. Being able to stand out in the minds of customers is essential to your success not only during the holidays, but year-round.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts This Holiday Season by Using These Direct Mail Best Practices With GrowMail

Leveraging direct mail has the potential to make this holiday season your best yet, while placing you on the path to success for the new year. Direct mail has the potential to completely reinvent your marketing strategy for numerous reasons. Sending your first postcard or letter to your target audience is something you’ll wish you had done much sooner. If you’re curious about how quickly you can make direct mail a mainstay of your marketing strategy, get in touch with a marketing specialist with GrowMail today!

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