Is Winter Landscaping Marketing Effective? Plus 4 Tips For Getting Started

As the leaves fall and the temps get colder, you may begin feeling the urge to reduce the amount of marketing you’re doing for your landscaping business. But considering how impactful the right winter landscaping marketing tactics are, failing to adequately market your landscaping business is a massive mistake. Constructing a winter landscaping marketing strategy that yields results isn’t expensive or time consuming, either. If you’re attempting to construct an off-season marketing campaign for your landscaping business, keep reading to get all of the insights you need for success.

Yes Winter Landscaping Marketing Works  – and Here’s Why

Winter landscaping marketing reinforces the idea that your audience doesn’t need to search any further for a reliable landscaping company. The winter months are ideal for thanking your audience for a successful summer, and for allowing them to get an early jump on their spring landscaping responsibilities. This is instrumental for keeping customers for the long haul. You can easily accomplish this goal with a postcard marketing campaign. For instance, mailing postcards during the winter gives you the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by thanking your audience with an early-bird special-offer for signing up for spring service in November or December. 


Another reason why winter landscaping works is because so many of your competitors will use the cold weather months as an excuse to scale back their marketing efforts. By “zigging” while your competitors “zag”, you can develop the brand familiarity necessary for an unforgettable start to your new year. Those are just a few of the benefits that come with prioritizing winter landscaping marketing efforts. More ways you can engage your audience by conducting a winter landscaping marketing strategy include the following tips:

Tip #1: Provide Advice on Proper Winter Lawn Care

By sharing facts that the average person may not know, you could be winning over leads in your audience that question your expertise. Mailing steps that homeowners can take to protect their lawns has the potential to show skeptical leads that you have the know-how necessary to take care of their landscaping needs in the future. There are a variety of solutions that are capable of helping you provide tips on how to properly maintain good lawn health during the winter, too. One of the most effective resources for accomplishing this goal is EDDM mailings.


EDDM is ideal for providing these types of insights because of the wide variety of size options available. The size ranges for EDDM start at 6.25×9 and go all the way up to 12×15 brochures. Additionally, EDDM mailings get sent to each home on your selected mailing route, allowing you to reach more households for less. And GrowMail’s EDDM map tool makes choosing your mailing routes easier than you can imagine. To get started, just enter an address in a community you’d like to send mail to, and our map tool will identify the appropriate carrier route for you.


Tip #2 Inform Recipients About Your Add-On Services

Landscaping businesses all over the country offer a variety of lesser-used services. But during the summer when people are more focused on your core offerings, your add-on services may fall to the wayside. The winter is the perfect time to let your audience know about everything your business does. That’s especially the case if you provide services that your audience can take advantage of during the cold weather months.


Informing your audience about the additional services your business provides could be just what it takes to earn the business of a new lead. In reality, your audience is more interested in your additional services than you might think. Some examples of services that are worth informing your audience about during the winter months include:


  • Snow removal
  • Leaf removal
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Decoration installation & removal
  • Winter Mulching & weed removal


By tracking mailers that you send advertising these services, you can get an idea of which your audience is most interested in. By including a QR code you can see how many recipients scanned it at the conclusion of your campaign. Other options for tracking your campaign include a tracking phone number, or a unique URL and landing page. Either one of these tracking options allow you to easily identify how many recipients called or navigated to the link on your postcard.

How EDDM works within a winter landscaping marketing strategy


Tip #3 Use The Winter Months to Increase Referral Business

During your peak season when you’re busy beautifying lawns, increasing referrals may not be top of mind. If you’ve neglected to develop a strategy for increasing referrals, the winter months are the perfect time to do so. After all, nobody knows what level of service you provide better than your current customers. So why not encourage them to share your information with friends & family in exchange for a slight discount? Doing so allows you to access potential customers that otherwise would have never known about your business.

Including a discount isn’t the only thing that it takes to boost referrals. You’ll also need to include photos of your work, along with a review or two about what an awesome job your team does. These assets, combined with the right incentive and message makes earning more referral business simple.

Final Tip: Conduct Your Next Campaign With GrowMail!

The right winter landscaping marketing strategy has the potential to serve as the gift that keeps on giving for your business. And you don’t have to embark on your next campaign alone! The marketing specialists at GrowMail have significant experience helping landscaping businesses conduct effective campaigns all year long. Find out why so many landscaping businesses rely on GrowMail for improved marketing results by scheduling a free consultation below.