Turn Offline CRM Data into Online Customers with AudienceSync™

AudienceSync™ matches your customer data to online users so you can serve digital ads to your customers with precision.

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Reach Your Customers Online with AudienceSync™

With our AudienceSync™ Technology, marketers can use their own customer or mailing lists to reach customers with targeted ads online.

Reach Your Customers. Everywhere!

AudienceSync™ brings the location-specific accuracy of direct mail to digital advertising.

We match physical addresses to the digital address of homes, buildings and devices so you can serve targeted digital display ads to your personal customer list.

  • Advanced IP Targeting
  • Serve Ads ONLY to your customers
  • Great when combined with Targeted Direct Mail


Boost Your Marketing Results

With our digital marketing platform we can onboard your mailing list or EDDM map routes and display ads to the same people that receive your mailers! By pairing digital ads with your direct mail campaign your can dramatically improve results over mailers alone.

Our creative team can take your existing mailer design and create custom Digital ads to match.

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Reach Your Customers Where They Are Online

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