4 Reasons to Include Direct Mail in Your Tax Season Marketing Strategy

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to begin thinking about your marketing strategy for tax time. Getting an early start on your tax season marketing strategy has the potential to help you exceed your goals for the year. That’s why CPA firms benefit from learning more about everything that direct mail has to offer.

Direct mail campaigns can be particularly effective at increasing interest in your tax preparation services for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons why direct mail should be a focal point of your tax season  marketing strategy include:

Direct Mail Allows You To Target Your Audience Based On A Variety of Demographics

One of the biggest reasons marketers throughout all injuries rely on direct mail to reach their target audience. That’s because it’s easy to select who receives your postcard or letter based on the insights you find valuable. When using GrowMail to execute targeted direct mail campaigns, marketers have the ability to target recipients based on location, age, and family size.

Those are just a few of the categories you can use to build a target audience that receives your postcard or letter. Being able to create custom audiences based on demographic makes the likelihood of connecting with your ideal client. That’s especially true if you provide them with a mailer that’s eye-catching, clear and to the point.

Incorporating Direct Mail Into Your Tax Season Marketing Strategy Increases Your Odds of Getting a Response

There are a variety of factors that go into the reason why sending postcards to your prospects could increase the likelihood of getting them to take action. For starters, direct mail isn’t as crowded as marketing channels like email, paid search and social media. Another reason is because direct mail offers a level of personalization that other marketing channels don’t.

Think about it this way, which is more likely to catch your attention: a well-designed postcard, with a personal greeting and message, or a post on your social feed that advertises a product? A little personalization can go quite a long way. In fact, the response rate for direct mail is between 2.2%-4.7%, while the response rate for email sits at just 0.9%. Since that’s the case, direct mail could be particularly impactful if you’re used to solely relying on digital marketing platforms.

Direct Mail Eases the Process of Building Trust With Unfamiliar Prospects

Another reason direct mail should play a pivotal role in your tax season marketing strategy is because of the role it plays in helping to establish trust with unfamiliar prospects. When prospects choose not to engage with the marketing messages you share via email and other platforms, direct mail could be an ideal solution. That’s because unlike with email, direct mail campaigns don’t require an opt-in for you to begin sending prospects your mail.

Additionally, direct mail is one of the oldest, most reliable methods of advertising available. Since direct mail is so instrumental in helping CPAs and accounting firms build trust, there’s no doubt that it should be a staple of your marketing strategy this tax season. Combining direct mail with your digital marketing efforts has the potential to help you exceed your goals for tax season.

There Are Multiple Affordable Options for Making Direct Mail Apart of Your Tax Season Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest concerns that comes to mind regarding adding any new marketing strategy is cost. That’s why marketers benefit from knowing about all of the cost-effective options available for making direct mail a part of your marketing strategy. Every door direct mail (EDDM) is one of the most popular choices for people just getting started with direct mail. Conducting an EDDM direct mail campaign eliminates the need for a mailing list, and mailing permit.

Also, postage for EDDM direct mail campaigns is as low as $0.18 per piece. Another one of the most popular options GrowMail offers marketers hoping to reach their target audience is Discount Zone mailers. Discount zones allow you to send postcards to targeted areas for 40% less than the cost of an EDDM or saturation mail campaign. Ultimately there’s a direct mail option for budgets of all sizes.

Make Direct Mail A Staple of Your Tax Season Marketing Strategy With GrowMail

The benefits that come with making direct mail an irreplaceable part of your tax season marketing strategy are immense. Since your ideal prospects are more likely to read and respond to your postcards than your emails, failing to combine direct mail with your digital marketing efforts could be costly. Fortunately the process of getting started with direct mail is likely easier than you think.

The marketing specialists at GrowMail would be more than happy to get any of the questions you have about direct mail answered in time for tax season. To learn more about the impact direct mail could make on your tax season marketing strategy, book an appointment below!

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