Automate Your Direct Mail Marketing

The Growmail Direct Mail API integrates with leading eCommerce, CRM and marketing platforms so you can automatically send targeted direct mail based on specific actions your customers take or events you define. Using Automated Direct Mail, you can create custom, targeted direct mail campaigns from end-to-end at the push of a button.

Send Event-Based Direct Mail to Every Customer With Our Direct Mail API

Seamlessly connect your customer data to direct mail campaigns we manage for you with easy integration to your favorite eCommerce, CRM and marketing platforms.

Now you can send customized direct mail postcards based on specific actions your customers take or events you define targeted by data you have at your fingertips.

Direct Mail API makes it easy to quickly engage with new leads and even reengage potential customers that abandon their shopping cart by sending personalized postcards.

Since each piece of mail is printed and mailed on-demand, there is no batching required and no minimums, so your postcards are printed and mailed within 48 hours.

Growmail eliminates the manual labor: No more printing, hand-stamping and dealing with the post office. Our Direct Mail API integrates with your existing website, web app, CRM or other marketing software.

The connections are already set up for you to import your contacts directly into your campaigns. Then, with a click of the button, high quality direct mail postcards are mailed to your customers, automatically!

Software integration with Direct Mail API

Developer Friendly

Software integration with our Direct Mail API means enhanced visibility and accessibility to the data and systems that drive your business.

Comprehensive Tracking & Recording

• Ensure delivery with defined in-home dates
• Know when message reached your target
• A/B testing and tracking of success rates for direct mail
• Calculate your direct mail ROI

Simplify Your Marketing

• Easy to integrate with your existing CRM system
• Automate your ongoing direct mail marketing programs
• Easily send thank you and follow-up cards
• No minimums! Mail 1 card or 10,000+

Mail Within 48 Hours

• 100% digital on-demand printing
• All campaigns mail in 48 hours
• Recipients receive mail 3-5 days later
• The highest quality printing available

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