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Postcard discounts zones

Only Growmail can offer all the benefits of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) advertising for even less. Growmail lets you deliver postcards to targeted neighborhoods for up to 40% less than an EDDM or Saturation Mail campaign.

How are postcard rates so low?

Using AI, Growmail’s proprietary software scans our millions of postcard mailings and identifies where we can leverage our economies of scale for additional printing efficiencies and postage savings. We then create discount zones in these areas to pass these savings on to your postcard campaign.

Area Mail Targeting

Use our online area mail tool to graphically target specific neighborhoods based on demographic data and to check the availability of discount zones. If you’d like personal assistance, you can call 844-222-4769 and one of Growmail’s marketing consultants can help you with your campaign.


Target customers in your neighborhood for 50% less

Enter your target zip code below and use our map tool to find the exact routes you would like to mail to.

How it works

Target your ideal customer

Our free state-of-the-art area mail mapping tool can be used to target the right audience and identify where postcard discount zones are available.

Select date

View pricing and select the week that works best for your marketing campaign. We take care of all the details and make sure your postcards are printed and delivered on-time.

Choose your design

Upload your postcard design or have our designers create one for you. Every discount zone campaign includes a free postcard design from one of our professional designers.


Discount zones lower your customer acquisition costs by saving you money on your postcard campaigns.

Start Your Discount Zone Targeting
snapshot of a discount zone

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Digital Marketing

Digital is the most affordable, fastest and most convenient way to reach customers any time, anywhere. We can help you find relevant targets based on demographics, your data, your objectives and specific locations.

Creative Services

Visibility begins with eye-catching graphic design. Our team of award-winning creative design experts can help with branding, logos, graphic design and website design.

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