5 Ways Creative Direct Mail Campaigns Can Impact Your Business

Keeping your marketing efforts from growing stale is essential for getting the results you want. Making sure your marketing strategies provide prospects with relevant information in a creative manner is one of the best ways to get the results you’re hoping to see from your marketing efforts. Incorporating direct mail into your marketing plans is one of the best ways to breathe new life into a marketing strategy. In fact, knowing how to properly execute creative direct mail campaigns has the potential to completely transform your business. Here’s why:

Direct Mail Campaigns Can Get Your Prospects to Finally Respond to Your Messaging

One of the biggest obstacles for marketers to overcome is  getting a response from your prospects. Whether it’s by asking questions, or by actually receiving orders or purchases from prospects, any behavior indicating reception of your message is typically welcome. One of the best methods for increasing the amount of responses you get from your marketing efforts is by sending direct mail.

Creative direct mail campaigns that consist of postcards or letters with eye-catching graphics and a clear, effective message can go a long way. If you need assistance coming up with artwork for your future direct mail campaigns, you can collaborate with GrowMail’s award winning design team who would be happy to assist you.

Direct Mail Helps Establish Trust Among Skeptical Prospects

Another uphill climb for marketers is the process of gaining the trust of skeptical prospects. Fortunately creative direct mail campaigns can be highly effective at helping marketers gain and develop trust. One reason why that’s the case is because direct mail is one of the oldest advertising methods around.

Another is because it’s not as aggressive as other strategies like email marketing or paid display advertising on websites. Sending a personalized postcard or letter to prospects allows them to thoroughly review your message on their own time. Being able to develop a complete understanding of your brand, and what you have to offer is a necessity for gaining the trust of your prospects.

Direct Mail Could Encourage Your Current Customers to Spend More

Increasing the amount your current customers spend is another area that marketers struggle with. Creative direct mail campaigns can be instrumental in helping to increase the amount your customers spend when they make orders. In fact, research shows that consumers that receive direct mail spend 28% more than their counterparts that don’t receive that same piece of mail.
There are a variety of reasons why receiving direct mail could influence your prospects to spend more with your brand.

Maybe you have prospects that don’t check their email or social channels regularly enough to learn about new products or promotions. It’s also possible that your postcard or letter provides important insights that your other advertising methods leave out. Ultimately, if increasing the amount your customers spend is an obstacle for you, creative direct mail campaigns could be exactly what your marketing strategy needs.

Direct Mail Makes It Easier For Prospects to Remember Your Brand

Remaining at the top of your prospects mind is much easier said than done. Alleviating the burden of getting customers to remember your brand starts with creative direct mail campaigns. That’s because direct mail remains with your customers for roughly 17 days on average, while other methods of advertising are consumed within the matter of seconds.

Another reason why direct mail is so critical in increasing brand recall among your prospects is because they likely aren’t receiving as much advertising via direct mail as they are other marketing channels. Using communication channels that aren’t as saturated as social media or email likely increases the odds of your brand and message standing out in the minds of your prospects.

Direct Mail Distinguishes Your Brand From Competitors

It’s no secret that digital marketing is the preferred method for most businesses, and it’s understandable why that’s the case. Still, the fact that most marketers avoid sending direct mail to prospects works to your advantage. One reason why is because most marketing methods that brands use can be impersonal, and irrelevant to the needs of prospects.

By making creative direct mail campaigns a focal point of your marketing strategy, making your brand one that sticks out in the mind of your prospects becomes easier than ever. That’s because creating marketing materials that are personalized, and relevant to the needs of your prospects is the key to getting them to remember you. GrowMail has the resources in place to make the process of creating your first direct mail campaign smoother than you think.

Execute Your Creative Direct Mail Campaigns With GrowMail!

Without a partner that you can rely on, starting your first direct mail campaign can seem daunting. That’s why GrowMail provides you with all the resources you need to begin executing creative direct mail campaigns as soon as you’re ready. The team at GrowMail has years of experience making the most out of creative direct mail campaigns. Whether you have prior knowledge when it comes to sending direct mail to your target audience or not, the marketing specialists at GrowMail are prepared to help you maximize the potential of direct mail. If you’re curious about what it takes to begin executing creative direct mail campaigns, schedule a demo to learn more about GrowMail today!

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