Benefits of Using Direct Mail and Digital Marketing to Diversify Your Marketing Mix

There are so many resources marketers can use to get their campaigns in front of their target audiences. The question is, whether or not marketers are maximizing these resources. For instance, most marketers are well aware of digital marketing strategies like social media or paid search campaigns. On the other hand, marketers may not know about the benefits of incorporating direct mail into your marketing efforts. Combining direct mail and digital marketing helps to create an omnichannel marketing strategy. Such a strategy could be particularly effective in capturing the attention of your target audience.

Relying too heavily on one marketing method means your messaging has the potential to grow stale faster than you think. That’s where marketing channels like direct mail come into play. Relying on marketing channels that your competitors don’t use increases your odds of capturing your target audience’s attention.

Combining Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Allows Your Marketing Efforts Prevents Your Message From Becoming Stale

Flexibility and diversity in your marketing campaigns will make or break you as a marketer. Let’s explore the importance of mixing up your marketing and understanding why you should be flexible in your marketing strategy. Becoming stagnant in your marketing when things are going “well” is a sure way to lose your position.

Too often marketers get comfortable with their routine. Many think that Google Ads and a few paid Facebook ads is enough for their business but, they are wrong.

To maximize your marketing efforts, you need to harness both the digital marketing realm and the realm of direct mail marketing. Businesses underutilize the power of direct mail and instead focus most of their marketing budget on digital ads far too often. Although the world has become more digital, there is still plenty of reason to conduct direct mail campaigns.

“73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.” Source: Epsilon

An iMac desktop in an modern office with combines digital marketing and direct mail.

Prospects Want to Be Contacted By Direct Mail For Numerous Reasons

As previously stated by Epsilon, consumers want to be contacted via Direct Mail because it gives them the ultimate control over when they read it and if they want to respond to it. Think about what goes through the mind of your prospects when you serve them a digital ad. They are forced to see it before choosing between reading it and scrolling on, or clicking the ad and moving forward to your website. Giving them the power to choose when and how they respond to your ad gives you more time in their hands.

That gives them more time to become a qualified lead rather than a prospective lead who gets hit with a random digital ad. Keep in mind that eliminating digital marketing efforts in favor of direct mail isn’t the goal. You should be utilizing digital marketing while also incorporating aspects of direct mail marketing as well. Taking that into consideration, why not combine them?

Another reason why prospects enjoy being contacted by brands is because direct mail is typically more personal than simply delivering a digital ad to a prospect. Receiving a postcard or letter addressed directly to your leads is probably more memorable than receiving an ad while they’re online, too.

It’s important to keep in mind that your prospects may not remember what your ads say, but they will remember how they made them feel. Considering how effective direct mail can be when it comes to connecting with prospects emotionally, making it a part of your marketing efforts should be prioritized. It’s also important to note that GrowMail simplifies the process of personalizing direct mail campaigns so they deliver the results you’re aiming for.

Example Of Integrating Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Let’s go through a hypothetical campaign that integrates both digital marketing and direct mail marketing. Your company is targeting the area within a 5-mile radius of the headquarters. The goal of the campaign is to introduce the audience to a new product.

  • You decide to send a postcard targeting the 5-mile radius. That postcard contains a link to a landing page if they want to learn more about this promotion.
  • Eventually, that consumer clicks on the landing page. Then, they are instantly tracked via retargeting (or placing a tracking cookie pixel to “follow” them with your ads).
  • The landing page and postcard each contain call tracking number. This helps you track any of the phone calls you may receive from this postcard marketing campaign.

To summarize, it is imperative that marketers today implement a marketing strategy that effectively utilizes both digital and print marketing. Without it or going with just one or the other leaves your marketing strategy lacking. Luckily, GrowMail can help you grow your business with the use of print and digital marketing working harmoniously together.

Let GrowMail Help You Diversify Your Marketing Methods Today!

One of the most exciting aspects of marketing is the variety of resources available to help you reach goals. Gaining the competitive edge on competitors depends on your willingness to maximize the resources that capture your target audience’s attention. Successfully combining digital marketing and direct mail could have a bigger impact on your marketing efforts than you think. Contact the marketing specialists at GrowMail today for more information about how direct mail can help you get better results from your marketing efforts.

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