Best Marketing Ideas for Gyms to Get New Visitors

The competition for new gym members isn’t letting up anytime soon. That’s why you can’t afford to waste time or money on ineffective marketing strategies. During the course of the past 20 years, GrowMail has implemented marketing strategies that have helped gyms all over the country increase their membership numbers. By using some of the best marketing ideas listed below, you can get on the path towards more members.

Use Multiple Channels to Reach Your Audience

Relying too heavily on just one channel is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. That’s because your audience relies on multiple outlets to get the information they need. One of your best assets for reaching your audience is postcards. The reason why is because you can easily use them to drive traffic to places like your social media channel, website or directly into your gym. One of the best resources for creating a multi-channel marketing experience for your audience is postcards.

Let’s say for example that you set up a marketing campaign that includes sending postcards with a unique QR code that sends recipients to your website, or to download your mobile app. By combining direct mail with your digital strategy, you could make enrolling for a membership much easier, which could be all it takes to increase the amount of traffic you get in your gym. Creating a marketing experience that consists of different channels also ensures that your message doesn’t get lost in the mix.

Send Targeted Mail to Potential Members

Providing the ability to market to audiences based on details like household size, income, age and other categories makes targeted direct mail campaigns a huge asset. That’s because it allows you to reach your most coveted potential members at prices that may surprise you. Narrowing down your recipients to a specific segment of your audience is a great way to make the most of your marketing efforts. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of running targeted direct mail campaigns, the team at GrowMail would be more than happy to help you get your first one off the ground.

The level of targeting that you can do with GrowMail’s targeted direct mail campaign is likely to shock you. Some examples of campaigns that you can execute with GrowMail include:


  • Sending postcards that let married couples in your local area know about couples membership options.


  • Inviting individuals above a certain income level to purchase a premier gym membership package that offers exclusive perks.


  • Sending mail that invites singles in your area to come in and join your gym to get in shape before the summer.


  • Sending postcards with a special offer incentivizing people 65 and older to stay active with a specific program catered specifically to seniors.


The possibilities with targeted direct mail are endless, which means that including it within your strategy is one of the best marketing ideas for gyms that you could implement.

Take Advantage of New Mover Direct Mail

Making the most of new mover direct mail services is among the best marketing ideas for gyms for numerous reasons. Among the biggest is that they allow you to beat the competition to the punch by welcoming area newcomers to the neighborhood first. While the benefits of connecting with new movers once they move into the neighborhood are clear, actually doing so may seem complicated. Fortunately Growmail offers a solution that makes reaching new movers affordable and simple.

More than 40 million Americans relocate annually. Considering how stressful moving is, enrolling into a new gym could fall to the backburner for them initially. But once the dust settles from moving, many people will be eager to join the neighborhood gym, which is where your direct mail campaign comes into play. GrowMail’s New Mover direct mail program is essential in helping people moving into your community learn about your gym, and membership benefits before they can research your competition online.

Send Postcards That Motivate Recipients to Act

It’s clear that sending postcards is one of the best marketing ideas for gyms to increase membership. But you have to remember that your postcard needs to stand out, be memorable and keep the attention of recipients. Typically, a high performing postcard that helps increase membership for gyms contain the following elements:


  • A clear offer.


  • Strong call to action.


  • An image that shows what future members can expect from your gym (equipment, classes, members exercising, etc.).


  • Hours, contact info address and other vital details.


Including these elements within postcards that you send could have a drastic impact on your ability to increase your gym membership. At GrowMail, we offer creative services that are geared towards helping you get more responses from your postcards. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to designing your postcard, learn more about working with GrowMail to design one today.

Personalize Your Outreach Efforts

Making personalization a priority within your marketing efforts is one of the best marketing ideas for gyms aiming to build lasting relationships. Personalizing your marketing messaging is a great way to build brand familiarity, too. There are various ways that you can personalize your marketing outreach using the data that you collect from future potential members.

For instance, when collecting contact information, you could personally invite potential members to try your gym by name instead of sending generic flyers that may not resonate with recipients. The possibilities with personalization don’t stop there. You can use whatever data that you collect from your audience to help create a more individualized marketing message. Ordinarily, taking the time to do so may not be a possibility for most, but GrowMail is capable of making personalizing your marketing outreach as easy as possible.

Get More Marketing Ideas for Gyms by Working with a Marketing Specialist With GrowMail

If you’re ready to get on the path towards increased gym memberships, there’s no better time than right now to book a free consultation with a Marketing Specialist with GrowMail. The challenges that come with attempting to increase gym membership may be daunting, but they’re nothing we aren’t used to overcoming. If you’re tired of having to come up with marketing ideas for gyms alone, only to come up with mixed results, book a free consultation with a GrowMail marketing specialist today!