Tips for Deciding if Targeted Direct Mail is Right for You

Being able to easily provide a specific message to a unique, well-defined audience is every marketer’s dream. That’s what leads so many marketers to exploring the benefits of targeted direct mail campaigns. But what even the most savvy marketers don’t realize is that there are numerous important questions that you need answers to prior to committing to executing a targeted direct mail campaign. Firing away on one before you nail down some important specifics could be one of the costliest mistakes you could make. Here are some important steps to take prior to finalizing your targeted direct mail campaign.

Step 1. Determine if your Audience for Your Targeted Direct Mail Campaign Resides in a Specific Geographic Location

Because you may save money with EDDM or Discount Zones!

You’d be surprised at how many marketers wind up throwing away hard earned money on targeted direct mail campaigns when using EDDM or Discount Zones suffice. These options could allow you to get your message in front of your desired audience at a fraction of the cost. That’s why prior to finalizing your targeted direct mail campaign, you need to do your homework on your target audience. For instance, is there a specific zip code(s) or city where your target audience is most likely to reside? If so, you can enter that location into GrowMail’s Discount Zone or EDDM map tool which will provide you with a demographic breakdown of any area of your choice.

Use GrowMail's EDDM tool before you execute your next targeted direct mail campaign

Best case scenario is that you’ll find a specific area (or areas) where you’ll be able to deliver your message to your target audience, along with more members of that community who may be interested in your message. The worst case scenario with finding out that your target demographic doesn’t reside in a specific geographic area is that you’ll need to go with your initial plan of executing a targeted direct mail campaign. Fortunately, GrowMail can help you execute targeted mail campaigns by allowing you to reach a variety of key demographics.

Step 2. Decide Your Most Important Criteria for Your Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

“What action do I want the recipient of my mailer to take?,” shouldn’t be the only question you ask yourself when considering a targeted direct mail campaign. Another crucial question you need to be asking is, whether or not your audience is mostly businesses or consumers. For business-to-business (B2B) communications personalization may not be a priority. That makes EDDM or Discount Zones a potentially more efficient option. Not only because it’s more affordable, but also because EDDM campaigns don’t require a permit or a mailing list.

Additionally, mailing to commercial districts, or industrial zones where businesses make up most of the community using EDDM may increase your reach. If the shoe is on the other foot, and your communication is mostly geared towards consumers, a targeted direct mail may be the ideal solution for you. That’s especially the case If you’ve determined that your communication isn’t “one-size fits all”, and only a certain segment of your audience will find it relevant.

Step 3: Decide What You Want to Communicate to Your Audience

Is your messaging niche or could everyone find value in it?

Taking the time to think long and hard about the exact offer and message your mailer hopes to communicate is essential to getting the most out of any of your campaigns. Let’s say for example you’re hoping to get more business for a luxury automobile repair shop. Clearly, most people don’t possess the money for high-end cars. So in this case a targeted direct mail campaign that included households with an income above $750,000 or so would yield much better results than an EDDM campaign.

Use GrowMail's EDDM tool before you execute your next targeted direct mail campaign

On the other hand, it’s a different story if your message is communicating information about a service, brand or product anyone could find valuable. If you have a message that even those outside of your core audience may find relevant, you can use EDDM or Discount Zones to cast a wider net. This has the potential to deliver the same results (or better!) at a lower cost than targeted direct mail campaigns.

Step 4: Determine if This is a One-Off Event Communication or if You Are Going to Kickstart Your Marketing Efforts

Another question worth asking prior to finalizing a targeted direct mail campaign is if you’re mailing for a one-time event, or not. Let’s say you’re having a grand opening for a new Art Gallery that sells high-end, rare pieces. That’s a situation where targeting wealthy homeowners with a campaign could lead to attendees viewing (and buying!) artwork all night long. But if you’re hoping to begin leveraging direct mail marketing efforts, with plans to continue doing so for the foreseeable future, you may find more value in EDDM or Discount Zones.

The affordability of EDDM campaigns is ideal for marketers hoping to make every penny stretch. That’s because GrowMail allows marketers to send 5000 postcards for as little as $0.40 per piece. And to sweeten the deal, marketers can split the 5000 into three separate mailings. This does wonders for helping to establish brand recall. Our most successful EDDM clients see the best results when mailing to the same carrier route at least 3 separate times. Here’s why:


Let’s say you’re an up-and-coming HVAC Technician who needs to spread the word about their services. After purchasing the EDDM Starter Kit which provides you with 5,000 postcards, you send your first batch of postcards one month, but you don’t get any responses. The next month, as temps begin to warm up you send another 1,666. Then, after the third mailing to round out your 5000 postcards, something exciting happens.

It’s the dog days of the summer now, and you’ve actually gotten a phone call from someone who needs you to repair their AC! And guess what – the only reason they called was because they got your postcards way back in April and May. Now that the summer has arrived in full swing, they know who you are, and that you’re just a phone call away all because of your commitment to postcard marketing with GrowMail.

Step 5: Book an Appointment With GrowMail to Begin Reaching Your Target Audience

If you still aren’t sure if a targeted direct mail campaign is right for you, or not, don’t worry. The seasoned, knowledgeable marketing specialists at GrowMail are more than happy to help you determine the best course of action. Ready to begin the process of deciding between a targeted direct mail campaign? If so, book a free consultation with a marketing specialist below!