Announcing Our New Targeted Mail Software

Grow Mail Adds 150 Data Points to Targeted Mail

We’re excited to launch a new Audience Builder! It empowers you to send targeted direct mail just like you do with ads online. Marketers are able to pinpoint consumers with direct mail using Grow Mail’s Targeted Mail Software. It’s very similar to how advertisers target ads on Facebook and Google to reach the right audiences.

In the past direct mailers had to pay list brokers for a consumer mailing list. Often, it was out-of-date, expensive, and generated a poor response. Our new Targeted Mail Software has all the data necessary to deliver postcards to your ideal customer. There’s no reason to buy a mailing list from an overpriced mailing list service. It’s both cost-effective and easy.

A man on a laptop generating a mailing list of consumers who are interested in dogs and charities.

A humane society fundraises and promotes puppy adoptions. They target their direct mail to consumers who are interested in charities and dogs.

The new data makes it easier than ever before to build out custom audiences or specialty lists of consumers who are ready to buy. Using the right targeted mailing list will increase the exposure of your campaign to potential customers and improve response rates.

Targeting Data Available for Generating Audiences

  • Location: Select zip codes or distance from an address.

  • Demographic Data: Gender, income, age, income,  presence of children, and marital status.

  • Housing Data: Age of home, home value, year home built, home ownership, years of residence, home equity square footage, number of adults, dwelling type.

Premium Targeting Data

  • Financial Profiles: The number of credit cards and the type of cards.

  • Political Identity: Voter registration, political party affiliation, and the congressional district.

  • Consumer Interests: Things a consumer has enjoyed in their life such as cooking, sports, or being environmentally conscious.

Savvy marketers can also add their own mailing lists. Data extracted from their CRM or loyalty programs can be added to campaigns, or intersected with a list of consumers generated by our audience builder. It can also be suppressed from a campaign.

Targeted mail software on a desktop with a postcard promoting online ordering.

A restaurant promoting online ordering could use the audience builder to target new customers. Then they can upload a file of their existing customers to suppress them from the mailing list. That way, only prospective customers will receive a high-quality special offer.

Examples of Targeted Mail Audiences

With our data you’re able to reach consumers who are most interested in your products or services and ready to buy. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing examples of how different categories of businesses generate audiences for their promotions.

Affluent Single Family HomeownersA landscaper could target high income individuals who own a single family home in a targeted area and have more than 20% of estimated home equity. Build an Audience
Reaching Empty NestersReal Estate agents can target homeowners who have lived in their house for more than 15 years and do not have children present. Build an Audience
Promoting Voter TurnoutA politician can generate support by promoting their stance on issues to individuals with certain political beliefs or interests. Build an Audience
Engaging Wine LoversA high-end restaurant could promote a tasting dinner to reach nearby consumers who are interested in wine. Build an Audience
Households with ChildrenA pediatric dentistry is able to target families with young children. Build an Audience

Direct mailers are able extract value from our knowledge of consumer profiles to uncover intent and predict the best audiences to engage. It just takes a few minutes to select a target market, design, print, and send your mail pieces.

Grow Mail’s team is always available to chat online or talk over the telephone to help you analyze and select the best audience to generate a return on your investment.

We’re proud of our platform’s ability to reach your target audience. You can’t underestimate the importance of a high-quality mailing list to the success of your marketing campaign. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new tool and data sets.