6 Tips for Creating Event Postcards That Yield Responses

Getting your special event postcards right is a must for getting the turnout you’re hoping for. But constructing event postcards that yield results can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. If you’re on the search for a roadmap to help guide you along in the process of crafting event postcards, look no further! You can get all of the insights necessary for mailing event postcards capable of helping you exceed your turnout goals below.

Understand all of Your Options for Mailing Event Postcards

One of the worst mistakes you could make is diving head first into a campaign before you understand all of your mailing options. Some of the most common options for mailing event postcards include:


  • Targeted Direct Mail:

    Targeted direct mail campaigns allow senders to target their ideal audience based on a variety of characteristics. Age, home ownership status, income levels – you name it! Another benefit of targeted direct mail’s personalization capabilities is that you can leverage data about your recipients where appropriate.


  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):

    If you’re planning to send direct mail to a specific location, EDDM could be just what the doctor ordered. One reason why that’s the case is because mail sent using EDDM gets delivered to each address on a mailing route. And if there’s a specific audience you’re aiming to reach, just use GrowMail’s EDDM map tool to find a mailing route with a high concentration of your target audience.


  • Saturation Mail:

    Saturation mailing campaigns combine the best of both, EDDM and Targeted Direct Mail. They provide marketers with an opportunity to send mail to an entire mailing list of  recipients that meet the senders requirements. And the prices for saturation mail start as low as $0.19 per piece!

Make Sure Your Design Captures Your Audience’s Attention

Don’t underestimate the importance of a stellar postcard design. The design of your event postcard is one of the most important facets of your campaign. After all, for many of your recipients, it’ll be their first impression of your event. And you don’t want recipients to get the wrong idea about your event, your best bet is to place your event postcard design in the hands of a creative team you can trust. 

GrowMail’s proven, reputable creative team is more than ready to begin working on an event postcard design capable of leaving recipients eager to attend your event. Relying on GrowMail’s creative team for your special event postcards could save valuable time and money. If you need inspiration for coming up with an idea for your postcard design, check out our library of free direct mail templates. If you’re experienced when it comes to postcard design, you can download one and design it yourself for free!

how event postcards lead to increased turnouts.

Reinforce Your Message Online

It’s fair to assume that your audience won’t remember your event’s details after looking at your postcard once. That’s why reinforcing the message from your postcard on your online channels is a must. Let’s say for instance that a recipient who gets your event postcard in the mail wants to later check to see if they’re available during the time of your event. But they’ve misplaced the mailer that you sent. In this case, if the recipient can’t find details about your event online, they may skip it altogether.

Using email, social media and other online mediums to bolster your message gives audiences multiple ways to gather important event details. Additionally, reinforcing your message helps to keep it top of mind. Providing the insights recipients need to get to and from your event both on and offline is essential for maximizing your turnout. 

Simplify the Process of Taking the Next Step

Is the goal for your event postcard is to get recipients to make a reservation or to RSVP? If so, including verbiage that says so is a must. Additionally, you should make the process of taking your desired next step as simple as possible for users. If getting recipients to reserve their place at your event is the goal of your campaign, ensure that your website or phone number is prominently displayed. The same goes for deadlines to reserve a spot, along with the time and date of the event.

Making your audience search for the most important aspects of your event could be the exact reason they fail to attend. Use your event postcard for eliminating any confusion or questions related to your event by keeping it short and to the point. Then, bring it home with a clear, concise call-to-action.

Track The Results of Your Campaign to Plan for Future Event Postcards

If you hold multiple events during the course of a year, ensuring that your event postcards are resulting in more attendees is a top priority. There are a few ways you can track the results of your postcard campaigns, too. Some of the most common tracking methods for direct mail are:

  • Custom URL and Unique Landing Page:

    Including a custom URL and accompanying landing page captures the attention of recipients, while allowing recipients to take your desired next step. Additionally, you can see how many recipients navigate to your unique landing page once your campaign ends.


  • QR Code:

    Since you’re more likely to see a QR code at your local restaurant than the mailbox, you may have recipients highly curious to see what awaits them upon scanning it. And similar to custom URLs, you can find out how many scans the QR code on your postcard received at the conclusion of your campaign.


  • Tracking Phone Number:

    If you expect your audience to call in to reserve their place at your event, a tracking phone number could accomplish multiple goals. The first is allowing recipients to save their space. Second is allowing you to see how many phone calls your event postcard generated during the course of your campaign. 

Allow GrowMail to Lead the Charge in Mailing Your Event Postcards

You don’t have to go through the process of mailing event postcards alone. The marketing specialists at GrowMail are eager to help you maximize your event turnout. To begin mailing event postcards capable of helping you exceed your event’s attendance goals, book a free consultation with GrowMail today. The friendly, knowledgeable team at GrowMail is eager to help you execute a mailing campaign that yields the results you need. To get started, sign up for a free consultation below!