7 Ways Effective Direct Mail Campaigns Can Impact Your Business

Being tasked with finding the marketing solution destined to make an undeniable impact on your business can result in a flurry of emotions. If finding the right marketing strategy is keeping you awake at night, there’s no time like the present to begin exploring direct mail. The ways direct mail can benefit your business’ marketing efforts may surprise you. Some of the ways effective direct mail campaigns can pay off big time for your business include the following reasons:

Effective Direct Mail Campaigns Get Your Audience to Begin Responding to Your Messaging

No one likes feeling as though they’re talking to a brick wall. One of the many challenges that marketers face is determining how to get audiences to respond to the marketing messaging they send out. Direct mail can be the perfect resource to get your audience to begin responding to your marketing for a variety of reasons. For starters, sending direct mail allows you to target and personalize messages in a more sophisticated manner than digital channels allow.

Additionally, your audience likely isn’t being as bombarded with advertising via direct mail. Since mailboxes aren’t as crowded with advertising as opposed to email inboxes or search engines, the odds of your audience getting a response from a direct mail campaign are higher than you may think. The response rate for effective direct mail campaigns sits between 2.7-4.4%, while email’s is roughly at 0.6%.

Effective Direct Mail Campaigns Help Your Brand Establish Credibility

Without credibility, getting a response from your target audience will be nearly impossible. Fortunately, direct mail can be essential in helping to improve your ability to build trust. One reason why that’s the case is because direct mail is one of the oldest, most trusted means of advertising. The first direct mail campaign that was executed in the United States took place all the way back in 1835.

Ever since then, effective direct mail campaigns have been a fixture in the marketing strategies of some of the biggest brands you can think of. Communicating with your target audience using a trusted communication method like direct mail can play a bigger role in your marketing efforts than you think. Taking that into consideration, direct mail is a necessary stop on the road to credibility.

Direct Mail Helps You Stand Apart From The Crowd

Considering how effective digital marketing can be, it’s no surprise that more and more brands are pouring increasing amounts of time, energy and money into digital channels. Even though there’s no question about how effective digital marketing can be, many brands are making digital marketing their sole means of communicating with their audience.

This provides you with the opportunity to stand apart from your competitors by using direct mail to get your message in front of them. Considering how crowded just about every corner of the internet is with advertising, many of your direct mail recipients would probably be glad to receive a postcard from you instead of a paid search ad.

Direct Mail Campaigns Allow You to Get More Creative With Your Messaging

As a marketer, there are some things that you never want to hear. One of them is that your marketing efforts have simply become boring, and that’s why you aren’t getting the responses from your marketing efforts that you were striving towards.

The good news is that the award-winning creative team at GrowMail could play a key role in helping you create the assets necessary to run bold, engaging direct mail campaigns. Believe it or not, there are endless possibilities for using direct mail to get your message across in a creative manner.

The Shelf Life of Direct Mail is Longer Than Other Marketing Methods

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is crafting messaging that won’t become stale soon after it gets in front of your target audience. There are numerous reasons why direct mail is essential to overcoming this obstacle. Since users typically don’t read their mail right away, you don’t have to worry about your audience losing interest in your message immediately upon receiving it.

That’s not exactly the case when it comes to social media marketing or email marketing. Keeping your messaging crisp and relevant to your audience is another reason why direct mail campaigns from GrowMail are essential to improving your marketing results.

Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Targeting Specific Audiences is Easier With Direct Mail

Another obstacle that marketers often face difficulty overcoming is figuring out how to get messages in front of relevant audiences. Direct mail makes the process of providing unique messaging to specific audiences easier than you can imagine. That’s because GrowMail allows users to quickly and easily target audiences based on a variety of different factors including family size, income level, location and more. If you’re brand new to sending targeted direct mail, you can rely on the many years of experience the experts at GrowMail have at running direct mail campaigns that provide audiences with timely, relevant messaging.

Direct Mail Increases the Effectiveness of Other Marketing Efforts

A rising tide lifts all boats. That same principle applies to your marketing strategy. Being able to implement strategies that have a positive impact on other marketing activities can have a bigger effect on your results than you can imagine. That’s why making direct mail a mainstay of your marketing efforts moving forward is a decision you won’t regret. Picture this: You have a contact list that you’ve been emailing regarding a new offer you have, but you just aren’t getting traction.

So, you decide to send the same mailing list a creative postcard that contains a QR code that invites recipients to visit your website to take advantage of a new promotion you’re running. After failing to get the response that you were hoping for solely from relying on email, your direct mail campaign results in dozens of new website visitors taking advantage of your special offer. That’s just one example of the way direct mail can help supplement your other marketing efforts.

Start Running Effective Direct Mail Campaigns with GrowMail Today!

Getting started with direct mail is easier, and more affordable than you might expect it to be. There are numerous reasons why that’s the case, and the marketing specialists at GrowMail would be glad to go into further detail about making direct mail a focal point for your marketing strategy at your earliest convenience. GrowMail has multiple different packages available that would allow you to immediately begin using direct mail to reach your target audience.

The process of beginning a new marketing initiative may seem daunting initially, but the professionals at GrowMail are more than capable of helping you get the most out of direct mail. If you’re ready to begin tapping into the potential direct mail has to increase the results you get from your marketing efforts, download your free postcard templates to get your first direct mail campaign with GrowMail started today!

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