How Can a Healthcare Mailing Campaign Contribute to Better Patient Experiences?

Providing patients with a quicker, more comfortable visit should be the goal of any medical office or healthcare provider. And there are more resources capable of helping you improve your patient experience than you think. One of the biggest resources capable of helping you provide patients with a positive visit is direct mail. If you’re unsure of how healthcare mailing campaigns can aid in your attempts to improve your patient experience, keep reading. You’ll find all of the insights you’re searching for below!

Healthcare Mailings Can Streamline the Process of Scheduling Appointments

A big reason why so many people don’t make it into the doctor’s office as often as they should is because of the scheduling process. Maybe patients avoid scheduling appointments because they’re constantly being transferred or left on hold. By sending a healthcare direct mail piece that contains a QR code, you could direct patients onto your booking website in seconds. And as an added bonus, once all of your mail has been sent, you can easily see how many scans your QR code received allowing you to track how successful your campaign was.


By sharing a QR code that allows patients to quickly and easily book appointments, you’re also giving recipients a great reason to save your mailer. That’s because many of your future patients probably won’t remember your phone number or website on their own. Including a QR code onto your direct mail also helps you grab the attention of your patients immediately. After all, it’s not like you receive a QR code in the mailbox very often. 


You Can Use Healthcare Direct Mail Campaigns to Instill Trust

There are a variety of reasons why the doctor’s office could be a scary place for some. Maybe they’ve received some not so good news at a certain point, or they’ve had an unpleasant experience with a previous doctor. Regardless, one of the biggest hurdles to booking more appointments is a lack of trust. Fortunately, there are a few ways a healthcare mailing campaign can help. A few ways direct mail can help you build trust include:


  • Personalization 


    A touch of personalized outreach can go a long way. Once your patients begin going through your mail, they’ll likely stop once they see a mail piece that’s directly addressed to them instead of “current resident.” And direct mail that includes personal information like the time, date, and location of an appointment could be what gets patients to stick your mailer right on the refrigerator.


  • Education

    There’s lots of medical news and information that you may be up-to-date on that could benefit your patients immensely. Without a heads-up from a trusted medical provider, your patients could be left in the dark. If there’s an uptick in the flu or seasonal allergies, alerting patients with a short but sweet healthcare mailing could be just what it takes to build trust.


  • Testimonials

    Nowadays, people don’t decide on much without checking ratings and reviews first. The same goes for doctors and medical providers. That’s why you need to use healthcare mailings to deliver your testimonials and reviews directly into patients’ mailboxes. Doing so allows patients to see how happy you’ve made other patients, without potentially being swayed by the high reviews of other providers nearby.

how healthcare direct mail can yield better patient experiences

Healthcare Mailing Campaigns Allow You to Easily Address Specific Concerns

Personalized direct mail goes way further than allowing you to immediately capture the attention of your patients. An effective healthcare mailing campaign takes personalization to the next level by addressing some of the specific concerns that result in patients booking appointments. Let’s say for instance that the flu is spreading rapidly in your area. In this case, recipients would likely appreciate you alerting them early to get a flu shot. And your mailer could inform recipients that you’re attempting to reach out to patients to book an annual flu shot.


You could include statistics about how the flu affects patients within their age group. And these statistics, along with your hours and location could be exactly what it takes to get patients to schedule an appointment. Patients have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to their healthcare. Addressing specific health concerns, along with solutions could be what it takes to separate you from nearby, competing medical professionals, too. 

Healthcare Direct Mail Can Help Patients Prepare for Appointments

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your patients are busy and are likely to forget about their appointment dates. Considering everything patients are responsible for, providing patients with reminders for their appointment could be essential to avoiding no-shows. Additionally, sending healthcare mailings to patients ahead of time provides an excellent opportunity to inform them about how they can prepare for their visit. Let’s say for example that you have a patient coming in for an internal screening, and you need them to avoid certain foods 24 hours beforehand.


In this case, you could send a healthcare mailing with a note reminding recipients not to eat prior to the appointment. Doing so could be exactly what it takes to get recipients to follow your instructions before the visit, ensuring that the appointment gets completed successfully. For many patients, remembering the date and time of an appointment is already enough work. By providing patients with a physical piece of collateral with important details, you’re helping patients more than you probably realize.

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