How to Market a Landscaping Business on a Budget

Don’t allow a limited budget to prevent you from marketing your landscaping business. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding landscaping marketing is that spending big delivers results. The reality is that there are numerous low-cost solutions for marketing your landscaping business. Knowing how to market a landscaping business on a budget could help you greatly exceed your marketing goals. You can find all of the insight you need regarding how to market your landscaping business on a budget below!

Thoroughly Research All of Your Marketing Options

Committing your marketing dollars to a solution without exploring all of the options at your disposal is a big mistake. There are more resources capable of helping you attract more leads without breaking your budget than you think. In fact, marketing your landscaping business with direct mail offers numerous low-cost options for getting your message across alone. Some of the most cost effective mailing options include:


  • Discount Zones:

    Discount Zones, offered exclusively from GrowMail allow marketers to reach audiences for rates as low as $0.23 each. And you can easily check to see if an area you’re considering mailing to qualifies for Discount Zone pricing using the
    map tool. Failure to check whether or not the area you’re considering mailing to qualifies as a Discount Zone could result in overspending.


  • EDDM:

    Leveraging Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) allows you to mail a bigger, more attention-grabbing mailer at low prices. Additionally, every home on your selected mailing route will receive your mailer. And using
    GrowMail’s EDDM map tool, you can gather key demographic insights including income levels, home ownership status, household size and more.


  • Saturation Mailing:

    Saturation mailing campaigns provide marketers with the ability to provide specific messaging to a well-defined target audience. Once you’ve defined your target audience, your mail will be saturated throughout the audience’s mailing route. With rates as low as $0.18 per piece,
    saturation mailing campaigns provide a viable alternative to targeted direct mail.

how to market a landscaping business on a budget

Leverage Free Resources Whenever Possible

Initially it may come as a surprise, but there are an abundance of free resources that can deliver marketing results for your landscaping business. And these resources are capable of having a bigger impact than you think. Take the library of free direct mail templates available from GrowMail for example. By using a free template to kickstart your campaign, you can eliminate the cost associated with designing your next postcard.

Considering how difficult finding a quality designer is, there’s no telling how long it would take you to actually begin mailing. Leveraging free resources like postcard templates are instrumental for allowing you to spend time focusing on more pressing matters. After all, marketing your landscaping business is just one of your responsibilities. Keeping your eyes peeled for free resources you can rely on is essential for marketing your landscaping business on a budget.

Send Direct Mail That Keeps Previous Customers Engaged

For anyone figuring out how to market your landscaping business on a budget, old customers are a great place to start. They already know how great of a job you’re capable of doing. They probably just need a reminder that the time has come to schedule another service appointment. Fortunately GrowMail’s API simplifies the process of getting your message in front of previous clientele.

Using GrowMail’s API to send direct mail is simple, too. GrowMail’s API can be integrated into your CRM. That aspect allows users to send appointment reminders with the click of a button. You can even use the API to personalize your mailers, making them stand out. The added touch of personalization has the potential to quickly differentiate you from competitors relying on generic direct mail.

Rely on Lesser-Used Marketing Materials

A key part of figuring out how to market your landscaping company on a budget is learning more about solutions you may be unfamiliar with. There are a handful of proven marketing solutions that are capable of helping you earn more clients. These low-cost solutions include:


  • Door Hangers:

    If you haven’t considered including door hangers in your marketing toolkit, there are a variety of reasons you should. Let’s say for instance that you’ve just completed a landscaping job in an area you’re new to. Leaving door hangers outside of the homes surrounding your new customer’s house could be ideal for attracting more new clientele.


  • Yard Signs:

    Perfect for your headquarters, or your own front lawn, yard signs are an ideal way for passersby to see your branding and contact information. And if they’re on the market for yard work, you could be hearing from them in the near future. Happy customers who don’t mind advertising may allow you to display your yard sign on their lawn following a job well done, too.


  • Brochures:

    Without proper insight about the ins and outs of lawn care, your audience may not understand the importance of it. Sending out brochures that offer a few bullet points on why lawn care is a necessity could be exactly what it takes to get recipients thinking about the benefits of making a service appointment with you. And once you finish the job, providing the new customer with exemplary service, it could mean you’ve earned a new customer for life.

Learn More About How to Market a Landscaping Business on a Budget During a Free Consultation

Don’t underestimate the impact that knowing how to market your landscaping business on a budget can have on your bottom line. Spending less while achieving better marketing results allows you to reinvest your funds elsewhere in your business. Once you’re ready to begin leveraging affordable marketing solutions that yield results, schedule a free consultation with GrowMail. The friendly, knowledgeable marketing specialists at GrowMail are eager to help you get more bang for your marketing dollar with battle-tested solutions. Find out why landscaping businesses just like yours rely on GrowMail for marketing by scheduling a free consultation today!