Elements of Landscaping Marketing Materials That Attract New Customers

Similar to pulling weeds on a humid summer afternoon, creating landscaping marketing materials that deliver can be hard work. But with the right steps, creating landscaping marketing materials that lead to more revenue isn’t nearly that difficult. That’s especially true when working with a partner that has decades of experience producing all types of landscaping marketing materials. Some of the most crucial elements of landscaping marketing materials that lead to new customers can be found below.

Vibrant Artwork (Preferably With Examples!)

Don’t underestimate the power of a great photo. Seeing a well-manicured lawn on a postcard that you send out, could be exactly what it takes to get recipients thinking about why your services are needed. Considering how tough it is to catch the attention of potential clients, you can’t afford to take the easy way out with generic stock images or basic, unimaginative designs. Going above and beyond to include visually appealing images is one of many ways you can use your landscaping marketing materials to earn more new clientele.

Of course, not everyone has graphics readily available to be shared on their marketing materials. If that’s the situation you happen to find yourself in, connect with GrowMail’s award-winning creative team today! They’re eager to help you design landscaping marketing materials that will get your phone ringing in no time.

Brand Consistency 

One of the worst mistakes any landscaping company can make when it comes to marketing materials is inconsistent branding. Let’s say for example that your service vehicles have decals with a certain logo and color scheme. When sending postcards, or leaving door hangers around the neighborhood, you wouldn’t want to send out postcards or door hangers with totally different colors, or an unfamiliar logo. That’s because doing so could confuse potential customers, while hurting your brand reinforcement efforts.

People who receive your postcard, and see your decals or flyers may have no need for your landscaping services upon seeing them initially. But you never know when someone is dealing with a situation rendering them unable to do yard work. This is exactly where brand reinforcement enters the picture. By continuing to let potential customers know who you are, along with the services you provide, potential customers will know that they can turn to you as soon as the need arises. Don’t send them running to Google to find a competitor by confusing them with inconsistent marketing elements.

Landscaping Marketing Materials


Track the Results of Your Landscaping Marketing Materials

You’ll never understand the impact your new landscaping marketing materials are having without tracking. That’s just one of the numerous reasons why tracking should be one of your main areas of concern regarding your marketing efforts. Without tracking, you could be throwing your marketing budget in the trash. Some ideas for how you could track the results of new marketing materials include:

  • Adding a special phone number unique to specific marketing materials like postcards, or door hangers.
  • Creating a landing page/scheduling page specifically for recipients of your marketing materials.
  • Offer one coupon code on one of your new landscaping marketing materials. Put an alternate coupon code on another one of your materials. Then, at the end of the campaign, compare and contrast which code was used more. This will quickly let you know which method is worth investing more funds in.
  • Manually tracking the success of your marketing materials is an option, too. It’s a bit more involved, but all it takes is making sure that you or a receptionist ask how a prospective customer calling to inquire about your services learned about you. At the end of the campaign, see which responses were the most common to find out what’s yielding the most results.

A Simple Scheduling Solution

One aspect of creating new landscaping marketing materials that often gets overlooked is the process of getting recipients to take the next step and book with you. Without a method for allowing recipients of your marketing materials to easily get on your calendar, all of your hard work could be rendered meaningless. One of the most effective resources for simplifying the process of scheduling a lawn care appointment are QR codes. By including a QR code in marketing materials, recipients can simply hold their smartphone cameras up to the QR code to go to a booking website.

Simplifying the process of scheduling lawn maintenance could be exactly what it takes to get more people to save your marketing materials for future use. Additionally, this method helps you track the success of your campaigns in a similar fashion to the ones listed above. And when recipients keep your postcards or door hangers handy, that eliminates the odds of them going online to search for a competitor offering similar services.

Feedback and Reviews

Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who uses a new product or service without reading reviews first. And allowing them to go to Google or Yelp to read them could mean they’ll find stellar reviews from a competitor, before even giving you a chance. The best way to beat them to the punch by including your happy reviews with your landscaping marketing materials. And five-star reviews from any major review site, along with pictures from successful past landscaping jobs could be the perfect formula for more potential customers to begin responding to your marketing efforts.

Your happy customers are some of the most valuable marketing assets you could ask for. Failing to include their experiences within your marketing efforts is one of the biggest mistakes you could be making. If you aren’t sure about how to go about incorporating reviews into your marketing materials, you don’t have to worry. The marketing specialists at GrowMail have helped dozens of landscaping businesses just like yours use past projects within new marketing initiatives. There’s no reason why yours can’t be next!

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