How to Conduct Inexpensive Direct Mail Campaigns That Work

If cost is among the obstacles preventing you from executing your first direct mail campaign  you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are numerous resources capable of helping you reduce your direct mail campaign expenses. It’s an added bonus that these resources can also help improve the performance of your campaign. So if you’re ready to kickstart an inexpensive direct mail campaign that yields the results you need, here are some guidelines to follow:

Conduct an Inexpensive Direct Mail Campaign by Leveraging Free Resources Whenever Possible

Considering how costly designing a direct mail campaign can be, free design help can go a long way. That’s why marketers hoping to reduce direct mail costs benefit from taking advantage of GrowMail’s library of free direct mail templates. Using templates to design your campaign doesn’t just save you money. It also saves you time, helping you focus on other responsibilities. The free resources don’t end with direct mail templates, either.


Another free resource capable of reducing your direct mail campaign costs are GrowMail’s various map tools. Let’s say there’s a specific segment of people you’d like to target with your next campaign. You can use these mapping tools to identify areas containing a high concentration of residents that meet the criteria of your target audience. This allows you to benefit from a variety of mailing options that allow you to get your message in front of a well-defined audience at lower costs than a mailing list.

Understand All of Your Mailing Options

If you’re new to direct mail, the differences among the mailing options available to you may be unclear. All the same, diving headfirst into a campaign without thoroughly researching all of the choices at your disposal is a common, yet costly mistake. You could be drastically overspending by failing to understand all of the options available for starting your campaign. A few of the most popular mailing options to consider for your next campaign include:


  • Discount Zones

    In certain areas, GrowMail has the opportunity to leverage printing efficiencies that result in lower postage costs, allowing us to pass savings to customers. These areas are known as Discount Zones, and researching to find out if you can reach your target audience through Discount Zones could result in significant savings. In Discount Zones, you can begin mailing for just $0.23 cent per piece!


  • EDDM

    An Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign entails your mailers being sent to every address on a particular mailing route. There are numerous reasons why marketers on a budget benefit from EDDM campaigns. First is that EDDM allows you to send a larger mailer containing more information about your brand or services for less than first class mail. Next is the fact that you can send your mail to a mailing route that contains a large population of people that are a part of your target audience. 


  • Targeted Direct Mail

    Getting the results you need from your campaigns is tough without a well-defined target audience. That’s why GrowMail provides users with the option to conduct targeted direct mail campaigns aimed at reaching people that fulfill a specific customer profile. And you can personalize your message with targeted direct mail, making your message more memorable.


EDDM postal routes on GrowMail's map tool


Track Your Campaign Success to Optimize Future Campaigns

You can’t overstate the importance of measuring the success of your direct mail campaigns. There are a few ways of going about tracking the success of your campaigns, too. Each of them won’t come at an additional cost, either. But they will shed insight on how much of an impact your campaigns are having on your bottom line. GrowMail can track the success of your mailers using a unique URL and landing page, tracking phone number or a QR code.


Let’s pretend that you send out a postcard that contains a unique URL taking recipients to a specialized landing page. Once the campaign concludes, you’ll receive a report with insights on how many recipients actually traveled to the site. This allows you to find out how many people found your message or offer compelling enough to learn more about it. On the other hand, this report also helps to indicate how future campaigns can be improved. This can drastically help increase  your marketing ROI.


Simplify the Process of Taking Your Desired Next Steps

Any successful, inexpensive direct mail campaign contains a clear, easy-to-understand call-to-action. By simplifying your call-to-action, getting recipients to take the action you want them to is easier than you think. There are a variety of ways you leverage direct mail to get recipients to begin taking your desired actions, too. Let’s say for example that you’re conducting a mailing campaign with the hopes of getting more new restaurant diners.


Perhaps adding directions on how to get the restaurant, along with weekly specials will begin thinking about placing an order. The same goes for a dental office hoping to attract more new patients into a practice. In this case, let’s say you send postcards containing a tracking URL encouraging recipients to schedule an annual teeth cleaning appointment. The URL doesn’t just track the traffic that arrives on the landing page. It also allows users to book appointments. Making the process of taking the desired next steps easier for recipients is essential to achieving your desired results.

Conduct an Inexpensive Direct Mail Campaign That Exceeds Expectations With GrowMail

You don’t have to break the bank to conduct a direct mail campaign that yields the results you’re aiming for. The proven, reputable marketing specialists at GrowMail are eager to help guide you on the path to direct mail success leveraging a variety of battle-tested techniques. Don’t let price prevent you from reaping the benefits of a strategic direct mail campaign. You can begin an affordable direct mail campaign with the help of GrowMail today by scheduling a free consultation today! Find out why so many businesses across a wide range of industries rely on GrowMail. Get your campaign started today by booking a free marketing consultation below.