Proven Non Profit Direct Mail Best Practices

Whether your goal is to earn more donations, or to get more volunteers for a special event, direct mail is a key resource for exceeding it. You don’t have to break the bank on your non profit direct mail campaign, or search high and low for a capable designer. With the right partner, conducting your campaign couldn’t be more of a breeze. Some battle-tested techniques to employ on your next campaign include:

Make Donating or Volunteering Easy for Your Audience

Nobody wants to be given the runaround. That’s especially the case when it comes to giving up your valuable time or money. That’s why being intentional about making it easy for your recipients to follow through on whatever action you want them to take is essential. Failing to do so may result in your recipients forgetting they ever received your mailer in the first place. Suppose that you’re mailing postcards in hopes of generating volunteers and donors for an annual golf outing. In this case, including a QR code that leads recipients onto a landing page where recipients can donate, or sign up is ideal. 

That’s because it allows recipients to immediately donate or sign up once they see your mailer. The same thing can be said for a unique URL and landing page, too. Ultimately either method enables recipients to take your desired action before they have a chance to forget, or misplace your mailer. And as an added bonus, both of these methods are effective for helping you track how successful your campaign was. That’s because you’ll receive a report of how much traffic your landing page received, along with how many QR code scans you got once your campaign concludes.

Target Your Audience and Personalize Your Mailers

If you’re new to direct mail, you may be unaware of the fact that you can target audiences based on a variety of criteria. Seriously, creating target audiences to send your direct mail to is fairly similar to targeting audiences via social media. That’s because you can create mailing audiences based on a variety of criteria. That includes income levels, family size, and marital status just to name a few.

And creating your own audience allows you to create personalized direct mail campaigns that include language and artwork that resonates deeply with your recipients. Don’t underestimate the impact this can have on your ability to increase fundraising or volunteer attendance. A targeted direct mail campaign allows you to personalize your mailer with their names, hometowns and more. Considering how many recipients receive marketing collateral that they don’t find relevant, providing your audience with a personalized, relevant message is a great way to stand out.

non profit direct mail best practices


Use EDDM to Send a Bigger Mail Piece at Low Costs

Another effective option to explore for your next non profit direct mail campaign is every door direct mail (EDDM). That’s because EDDM allows you to send your mailers to each address on a particular mailing route that you choose. Another benefit of EDDM campaigns is the fact that you can use it to send a bigger mail piece for the same price as a standard one. You can even use EDDM to send brochures! Key details regarding EDDM sizes include:

  • Standard – 6.25×9: This is the standard size for an EDDM postcard. In most cases, this is perfect for informing audiences about events or fundraisers you have on the horizon. That’s especially the case if you keep your text short and sweet, while letting pictures do some of the talking for you.

  • Large –  6.25×11: Of course, sometimes the standard won’t be enough. That’s where leveraging a large postcard enters the picture. These allow you to convey your message entirely, while helping to capture the attention of recipients.

  • Jumbo – 8.5×11: If your message is too large for either of those postcards, you’re in luck. That’s because Jumbo postcards, along with 11×17 mailers can be folded and sent as brochures.

  • Oversized – 12×15: This is the maximum size for a mailer being sent using EDDM. When relying on this mailing option, it’s imperative to ensure that no side is longer than 12 or 15 inches. Additionally, it can’t weigh more than 3.03 ounces or less than .75 inches thick.

Use Your Non Profit Direct Mail Campaign to Illustrate Your Mission

Considering how difficult it is to keep the attention of your recipients, you need every resource available to engage your readers. One of the most effective weapons in your quest to keep your audience’s attention is a library of attention grabbing photos. After all, those photos are going to do a much better job at illustrating where your audience’s time or money are going better than your words ever could. Another impactful asset worth leveraging in your non profit direct mail campaign is a testimonial or review.


That’s because testimonials allow your recipients to get the word about how much of an impact your non profit organization is having directly from those being affected. This is often more meaningful than marketing copy detailing your nonprofit’s accomplishments. Hearing about the effect a potential donation could have directly from the beneficiary of it could be more convincing than you realize. Adding testimonials, along with photos could paint the exact picture needed to earn the donations you need.

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The busy world of non profit operations can often leave you strapped for time, so remember that you don’t have to embark on your next direct mail campaign alone. By partnering with GrowMail for your next campaign, you’ll quickly realize why so many organizations just like yours continue to send direct mail. If you have any questions about getting your next campaign off the ground, our team of friendly, knowledgeable marketing experts would be glad to answer them at your earliest convenience. Nonprofit organizations all over the nation rely on GrowMail for assistance conducting campaigns that leave a lasting impact. To find out why, schedule a free consultation with GrowMail today.