The Do’s And Don’ts of Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Choosing to execute your first direct mail campaign may result in feeling a variety of emotions. Among them will likely be confusion and excitement initially. The good news is that those feelings don’t last. That’s because the confusion that comes with being tasked with executing a successful direct mail campaign can be easily eliminated. Getting rid of that confusion starts with knowing what the most successful direct mail campaigns consist of.

Learning what goes into successful direct mail campaigns is necessary for gaining the confidence necessary to make direct mail a staple of your marketing strategy. For more information about what you should do, and what you should avoid during your next direct mail campaign, keep reading.

Do’s of Successful Direct Mail Campaigns:

Learning the steps that the most successful direct mail marketers use to execute their mailing campaigns is beneficial for numerous reasons. First, is that it’ll make it easier to avoid making common mistakes marketers everywhere make when executing their first direct mail campaign.

That can go a long way in helping you reduce your expenses, while connecting with your target audience. Some of the most important things to remember while executing your direct mail campaign include:

  • Make Sure Your Direct Mail is Printed on High Quality Material 

One of the biggest mistakes people make while executing a direct mail campaign is neglecting the material being used. Failing to use the best material available for your direct mail campaign could lead to your postcard or mailer going right into the trash upon delivery .

On the other hand, if your postcard or letter is printed using high quality material, your prospects won’t be as quick to toss it. A colorful, well-designed postcard or letter that is printed using high quality materials is more likely to be read or saved than one that isn’t. By making sure your postcards or letters are printed using the best materials, you’re increasing the likelihood of getting the results you’re hoping for.

  • Prioritize Personalization

Personalization is vital when it comes to connecting with your target audience. By making your direct mail campaigns personalized for your prospect, your odds at getting the response you’re hoping for improve. The importance of personalized marketing messages genuinely can’t be overstated.
In fact, 72% of consumers exclusively engage with messages that are personalized. By personalizing your marketing outreach you’ll stand out to your core audience, while increasing your odds of getting the response you want.

  • Verify Deliveries by Tracking Sends

Tracking the status of the direct mail that is sent to prospects could potentially uncover multiple insights that are crucial to helping you conduct future direct mail campaigns. Tracking the status of your mail from the moment it ships to the mailboxes of your prospects lets you compare delivery times to response times. This could be especially helpful in helping you set up a mailing cadence that your audience will respond to.

That’s because tracking allows you to see when your mailer was delivered. If that information is unavailable, it becomes harder to gauge when you should send your next postcard or letter. Having an inability to track the status of your direct mailers makes understanding the overall impact they’re having on your bottom line nearly impossible.

  • Properly Use Variable Fields and Triggers

Direct mail campaigns that are automated allow users to send mail to prospects quickly and easily. Instead of mailing prospects that might be interested in your message manually, automation lets you mail prospects based on triggers. By automating your direct mail campaign, prospects get your postcards or letters once they complete a certain action, or a series of tasks.

This increases the odds that prospects who do receive your mail will take action upon receiving it. Programs used for automating direct mail campaigns also make personalization simple with the use of variable fields. These are crucial in helping to make your marketing messaging more personal.Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Don’ts of Successful Direct Mail Campaigns:

Knowing what mistakes you should avoid making when developing your first direct mail campaign is equally as important as knowing what you should do. If you’re unclear on what you should avoid doing in your first direct mail campaign, the likelihood of making costly mistakes increases.

This could have hurt the performance of your direct mail campaign while increasing your expenses. Some of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid when it comes to direct mail campaigns include:

  • Failing to Incorporate Direct Mail Into Other Marketing Efforts

Typically, marketers see the best results from direct mail marketing campaigns when they are integrated with other marketing initiatives. Luckily, integrating your other marketing efforts with your direct mail campaign is simple. That’s especially true since GrowMail flawlessly integrates with your CRM and other marketing platforms.

GrowMail integrates seamlessly into your existing CRM. That means tying your direct mail campaigns into your other marketing efforts couldn’t be easier. The easy integration GrowMail offers makes the process of sending follow-up communications to your prospects easier than ever.

  • Including Generic Wording and Phrases

Like we explained, marketers are most successful with direct mail when the messaging you used  is personalized. That’s why, you should avoid using placeholder terms like “resident” or “to whom this may concern”.

It’s also important to remember that it’s best to avoid using overly technical or industry-specific language. Using friendly, conversational language that clearly states what action you want the recipient to take is recommended.

  • Manually Executing Your Direct Mail Campaign

Another mistake people make regarding their direct mail campaigns is thinking that everything needs to be done manually. Automating tasks related to direct mail campaigns lets you reduce the time it takes to complete tasks associated with it.

Automating tasks associated with your direct mail campaigns also means you’ll avoid making typos and other kinds of costly mistakes. Ensuring that your direct mail is error-free is essential in making sure that it reaches its destination on time. The best way of doing that is by using GrowMail to automate tasks related to your direct mail campaign.

Automating  Successful Direct Mail Campaigns with GrowMail

Conducting a successful direct mail campaign is likely easier than you think. Deciding to automate your direct mail campaign using GrowMail makes it even easier. That’s because it simplifies the process of creating customized targeted direct mail campaigns.

Seamless integrations with leading eCommerce, and CRM platforms, gives GrowMail the potential to completely reshape your marketing efforts. If you’re ready to find out how GrowMail can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level, talk to a marketing specialist at GrowMail today!