Tips for Sending Political Postcards That Deliver More Votes

Excluding political postcards from your campaign strategy could be the mistake that prevents you from winning. After all, direct mail is among the most relied upon methods for winning political campaigns there is. That wouldn’t be the case unless political postcards delivered results. Crafting and sending postcards that convince voters you’re the candidate that deserves their vote is easier than you think, too. Some tips to employ during your next political postcard campaign include:

Use Your Political Postcards to Increase Familiarity Among Undecided Voters

Every election season a new stranger appears on billboards, mailers and TV ads asking for votes. One of the best methods for differentiating yourself from a sea of strangers is to use your political postcards to develop familiarity with your audience. By sending multiple postcards with your name, face and various positions on different issues, you can position yourself head and shoulders above candidates relying on smear campaigns and other tactics to get elected. This method also allows recipients to easily share your campaign message and materials with friends who may be interested.


Considering how competitive your race is, you need every resource available to get elected. The importance of using the mailbox to strengthen your connection with recipients can’t be overstated. Educating audiences about who you are and what you stand for is a must to get the winning edge. In a knock down, drag out political climate where anything goes, informing recipients about the impact your victory will have can go a long way.

Political Postcards Helps Make it Easy to Contribute Your Campaign Easy

No political candidate wins an election on their own. It takes a coalition of dedicated supporters to get your campaign across the finish line. And political postcards are among the most effective resources for both identifying your most loyal supporters and making it easy for them to make a time or monetary donation to your campaign. That’s because you can accompany your message with a unique URL or phone number where recipients can easily sign up for a phone bank or donate.


Another little-used method for driving recipients towards making a donation or signing up to volunteer for your campaign is including QR codes on your mailers. Including them on your postcards will help to capture the attention of your audience, while allowing them to navigate to your website with just the snap of a smartphone camera. And as an added bonus, all three of these methods can also help you track the success of your campaign. By including tracking in your campaigns, you’ll receive a report complete with how many calls, scans or clicks your URL received.

Research Your Options for to Identifying and Reaching Your Desired Voters

Providing audiences with the right message is essential for achieving the results you need. But providing audiences with the message you need begins with making sure your postcards are going to the right areas. Fortunately, GrowMail offers multiple solutions for identifying and reaching mailing routes containing a high concentration of your target audience. 

how to send political postcards that deliver results

  • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail):

    EDDM campaigns empower mailers with the ability to send postcards to each address on a specific mailing route. And using GrowMail’s EDDM Map Tool, you can get a comprehensive breakdown of the demographics of the population of a specific mailing route.



  • Saturation Mail:

    Let’s say for instance that you’re hoping to connect with members of a specific demographic with your postcards. In this case, Saturation Mail could be the perfect solution since it allows you to create a custom mailing list based on the demographic insights that matter the most to you.



  • Discount Zones (Exclusively from GrowMail):

    Suppose that you’ve identified an EDDM mailing route that would be ideal to send your postcards to. In this case, you could unlock significant savings by finding out if it qualifies for exclusive Discount Zone pricing, using this map tool.



Political Postcards Play a Key Role in Creating an Omnichannel Campaign Strategy

One of the worst mistakes you could make in the run up to your election is only relying on one or two channels to spread the word about your campaign. Considering the many ways people consume political messaging nowadays, you never know which method will be the one that sticks. That’s where developing an omnichannel marketing strategy comes into play. An omnichannel strategy is one that entails leveraging multiple communications methods to get your message across.


Successful omnichannel campaign strategies allow your campaign to stick out in the minds of potential voters. That’s the case even when they’re not consuming a political ad. Most voters will need to see or hear your message multiple times before it sticks. The combination of a postcard campaign that entails multiple drops, a strong digital marketing strategy, along with radio or television ads is an example of an omnichannel campaign strategy that can yield results. That’s because people who aren’t watching TV, or listening to the radio still get your postcards and digital ads.

 Get Ready for Election Season by Sending Postcards With GrowMail!

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