What Steps Can You Take to Achieve Better EDDM Results?

Getting the results you desire out of your next Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign doesn’t have to be costly or take up too much time. Achieving the EDDM results you’re striving for starts with leveraging several proven strategies and resources. If you’re new to direct mail or unfamiliar with EDDM, sourcing these helpful materials may be a challenge. But that’s exactly what we’re here for, so follow along below for the insights you need.

Step 1 to Achieving Better EDDM Results: Don’t Be Afraid of Going Big

When most people think about EDDM campaigns, postcards are among the first things that come to mind. But you can send mailers that are bigger and more attention grabbing with EDDM, giving you much more bang for your buck. In fact, you can even use EDDM to send mail that folds, including flyers and brochures. Here’s a breakdown of the most common EDDM sizes, along with their respective prices:

  • Standard: 6.25”x 9” = $0.39 per piece for 5000 mailers.
  • Medium: 4.25”x 11” = $0.39 per piece for 5000 mailers.
  • Large: 6”x 11” = $0.41 per piece for 5000 mailers.
  • Jumbo: 8.5”x 11” = $0.50 per piece for 5000 mailers.
  • Jumbo: 9”x 12 ”= $0.50 per piece for 5000 mailers.
  • Bi-Folded Brochure: 11” x 17” = $0.47 for 5000 mailers.
  • Oversized: 12” x 15” = $0.65 for 5000 mailers.

Understanding the size requirements, and assessing all of your options is a must for marketers striving for improved EDDM results. If you have a compelling message to share with your audience, don’t limit yourself to a basic postcard. EDDM campaigns provide you with a myriad of choices allowing you to share photos, statistics, coupons and more. Use GrowMail’s free EDDM price estimation tool to get a price estimate of your next campaign.

Step 2: Research Your Routes Before Committing

Prior to finalizing your EDDM campaign, use GrowMail’s mapping tool to gather vital demographic insights about your prospective mailing route. Failing to properly research the routes you’re considering mailing to is a costly mistake. Imagine spearheading the marketing efforts for a senior living facility spreading the word about their services to people with aging parents. Researching the area you’re considering mailing to prior to finalizing your campaign allows you to avoid wasting money by mailing to college towns or industrial zones.

And using GrowMail’s EDDM map tool is completely free and couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is enter the address or zip code you’d like to mail to. Then, you’ll see a breakdown of the demographics of your selected mailing route on the left-hand side. The demographic information you can discover with GrowMail’s EDDM Map tool include age, income status, gender, marriage status and more. Leveraging these insights is a must for getting the results you need on your next campaign.

How to use GrowMail's EDDM map tool to achieve better EDDM Results

Step 3: Don’t Overwhelm Readers

Having more room to share your message is an obvious advantage of EDDM campaigns. But you still can’t overwhelm recipients with too much information. Another common EDDM mistake marketers make is divulging too much information at once. Imagine checking the mail and finding two large mail pieces from competing area pizzerias waiting for you. One contains a few images of happy families enjoying pizza. It also includes popular menu options, a phone number & their catch phrase. 

The other mailer contains just one photo of pizza, along with multiple bullet points about the history of the restaurant and the chef’s experience. Considering how direct and easy-to-read the first mailer was, you’d probably order a pizza from them instead of the second pizzeria. That’s why being mindful about providing readers with just enough information is essential to better EDDM results. Regardless of how much space you have on your mailer, you can still overwhelm audiences with too much text.

Step 4: Track Your Campaign Results

Another commonly made mistake when it comes to EDDM campaigns is neglecting to track them. Tracking the results of your campaigns allows you to easily identify what resonates with audiences and what doesn’t. This is vital in helping you identify what’s stopping you from achieving the EDDM results you’re aiming for. A few methods for tracking your next EDDM campaign include:

  • QR Codes: Adding QR codes onto your mail pieces accomplishes multiple goals. First it captures the attention of recipients who may be caught off guard by the code. And they allow recipients to easily engage with your brand since all recipients have to do is whip out their smartphones and scan the code if they’re interested in your message.


  • Tracking Phone Number: It goes without saying that you should include a contact number on your mailer. But with a unique phone number, you can track the success of your campaign while still allowing recipients to call you for questions. An added bonus is that this phone number may be easier for recipients to remember than your ordinary one.


  • Specialized URL: Adding a specialized URL makes it easy for recipients to remember your website if they’re interested in visiting you online. And once the campaign concludes, you can identify how impactful it was because all the visits to that landing page are tracked. This method can help reinforce your message if it follows up on what your mailer communicates.

Final Step for Improved EDDM Results: Leave the Heavy Lifting to GrowMail

Don’t make the mistake of embarking on your next campaign alone. Besides, you have lots of other tasks that need your attention. After all, GrowMail knows exactly what it takes to help you achieve the EDDM results you need. That’s because we have decades of experience helping businesses across all verticals achieve their goals with EDDM. Yours can be next! To begin working towards achieving the results you need for your next EDDM campaign schedule a free consultation with a marketing specialist below.