Winning Techniques to Include in Dental Office Postcards

As the seasons change, so should your approach for connecting with patients. As the summer ends, vacations wind down and kids go back to school, you need every resource possible for reaching new patients. That’s why sending dental office postcards that resonate with audiences is a must. Leveraging direct mail strategies that are proven to deliver results on your next round of dental office postcards could allow you to finish your year stronger than you could have ever hoped to. Some of the most effective best practices to remember when sending dental office postcards include:

Track Your Dental Office Postcards With One of Three Methods

Sending dental office postcards without tracking is a common, yet costly mistake. Without tracking, you’ll fail to understand what type of results your campaign delivered. Here are a few ways you can track the results of your next direct mail campaign:


  • QR Codes

    Including a QR code on your next dental office postcard accomplishes multiple goals. First, it uncovers who, and how many people interact with your mailer. Next, it makes the process of booking an appointment easier for recipients. 

    All it takes for a recipient to learn more about your services is them aiming their cameras at the code. Then, they’d immediately land on a page where they can book an appointment. Much easier than having to memorize a name or phone number, right?


  • Unique URL/Landing Pages

    We know how challenging memorizing phone numbers can be. So why not make your website easier for recipients to remember with a unique URL and landing page? Including a unique URL and landing page with your postcard will not only capture the attention of recipients. It also makes your contact information easier for recipients to recall in case they suddenly need your services. 

    Suppose a person on your mailing list receives a postcard from another dentist in the area on the same day they get yours. Which dentist’s website do you think will be easier to remember? The one that mailed a postcard with the standard details, along with their website, “”. Or one that includes photos of happy patients, service details, and a unique url that includes the recipient’s first name. Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe the latter would be more successful. That’s because it adds a touch of personalization – all while helping you track the final results of your campaign.


  • Tracking Phone Numbers

    Similar to websites, asking people to memorize phone numbers is a tall task nowadays. That’s why ensuring that your dental office postcards feature tracking phone numbers is a necessity. Why include your regular phone number, which provides no insights related to your campaign, when you could include one that logs when conversations lead to new appointments?

    You really can’t go wrong with any tracking method. Making sure that tracking is included in the next dental office postcard that you send is simple, too. The marketing specialists at GrowMail have immense experience when it comes to leveraging tracking in all types of direct mail campaigns.

Re-engage Old Patients With Automated Direct Mail

Don’t forget about the patients you haven’t seen in a while. In lots of cases, they’re actually waiting to hear from you! Often, the challenge is getting a hold of them, but that’s where direct mail automation enters the picture. GrowMail’s exclusive Direct Mail API allows you to integrate your current CRM, allowing you to send postcards to any of your contacts. These capabilities make it possible for you to present the perfect message to the right audience right on time.


Let’s say for instance that you want to send out mailers to people in your CRM that haven’t booked an appointment in more than 6 months. Using GrowMail’s Direct Mail API, you can easily define that audience and send them a mailer reminding them to schedule an appointment with the press of a button. This type of reminder could be exactly what it takes to get old patients to book new appointments.

Use Your Dental Office Postcards to Showcase Your Work

For people that are unfamiliar with you, words may not matter much. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. So why not let your work speak for itself? Some ideas for showcasing your dental work with new audiences include:


  • Before and After

    There are likely at least a few people who will receive your mailer that will be skeptical about your abilities. Let them know that you’ve had dozens of patients who’ve been in their shoes before, but now have incredible smiles thanks to the skills of you and your staff. Seeing photos of a patient who once had a similar smile, and reservations about the dentist with a new & improved smile might be enough to get them to book an office postcards
  • Prepare for Back to School & Extracurricular Event Photos

    Use photos to let your recipients know that you’re the go-to-person for making sure the kids have a smile that lights up the classroom. By featuring photos of children of different age groups on your dental office postcards, you can quickly communicate that you serve all ages. Reinforce your commitment to serving families and making sure the kids are ready for picture day with well-designed postcards. If you need assistance creating your next postcard, the creative team at GrowMail would be glad to step in.


  • Get Holiday Ready Today

    It might be hard to believe now, but the holiday season will be upon us before you know it. Get ahead of the curve by letting your audience know that your practice is the one to go to for special occasions, including holiday photos today. After all, you never know how many early birds are on your mailing list.

Get More Patients By Sending Dental Office Postcards With GrowMail!

Whether you’re a direct mail pro, or a complete novice, the marketing specialists at GrowMail are ready to help you make your next campaign your best yet. For the past two decades, we’ve been guiding businesses across a variety of different verticals to success with a variety of different proven techniques. Find out why so many different businesses continue marketing with GrowMail by scheduling a free consultation below! Our friendly, knowledgeable marketing specialists are waiting to hear from you.