Best Practices for Sending Spring Real Estate Postcards

Realtors hoping to hit the ground running during the spring and summer months benefit immensely from direct mail. But in order to reap the results you need, it’s imperative for you to know exactly what to include in your spring real estate postcards. And crafting postcards that deliver the results you need is likely easier than you think. We’ve got the insights you need for mailing postcards capable of helping you conduct a campaign capable of helping you exceed your goals below!

Personalize Your Spring Real Estate Postcards

Making sure your postcards stand out from the crowd is a must. And one of the most effective methods of ensuring your mailers stand out is by personalizing your direct mail. There are a variety of categories that you can personalize your postcards, too. GrowMail’s targeted direct mail solution allows Realtors to leverage criteria like property values, city names, first names and more.

Imagine checking your mailbox and finding a couple of different postcards from competing realtors. One postcard features a vibrant design, along with references to your city, and it’s personally addressed to you. The other postcard isn’t made out to you, the design is mediocre and the only verbiage featured is generic and irrelevant to your living situation. If you ever do plan on buying or selling a home, which realtor would you trust the most? If you chose the latter, you probably wouldn’t be alone.

Test And Track Your Postcards

Failing to test and track the results of your spring real estate postcards is among the most common, yet costly errors realtors make. The best method for testing your direct mail campaign is to send multiple postcards, containing different designs and messaging. Then, track the results of each postcard using a QR code, tracking phone number or unique URL/landing page. Once the campaign ends, compare the results of each mailer to see which yielded the most results.

Including tracking techniques in your postcard also helps capture the attention of your recipients. After all, it’s not every day you open the mailbox to find a QR code or unique, personalized website URL waiting for you. Adding these elements helps you capture the attention of recipients. These methods additionally help make the process of taking the next steps easier for recipients.

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Leverage User Generated Content in Your Spring Real Estate Postcards

Keep in mind that your recipients are more likely to heavily value the opinions of your past or present clientele. There are lots of realtors capable of telling potential home buyers or sellers about how effective their services are. What separates you from the rest of the crowd is your ability to share what your clients have to say about your services. And including user generated content (UGC) in your spring postcards is one of the best ways of doing that. A few ways you can leverage UGC in your next mailing campaign include:

  • Testimonials and Reviews

    It’s a safe assumption that the majority of your leads and prospects will do their research online prior to committing to using your services. But you don’t want your leads to read the stellar reviews of other realtors. That’s why you benefit from including testimonials and high reviews on your spring real estate postcards.


  • Display Recently Sold Homes

    Sometimes, people need to envision themselves taking action before actually doing so. And one of the best ways to  get leads and prospects thinking about buying or selling is by sharing images of homes that have recently been bought or sold in their neighborhood. This type of content could be exactly what it takes to get recipients thinking about leveraging your services. 


  • Social Media Feedback

    If you’re active on social media, sharing the kind things your clientele have said there on your postcards could have a significant impact. First is the fact that  it allows you to bridge the gap between your online and offline audiences. And for your leads that are active online, sharing this content on your spring real estate postcards could encourage them to get connected with you on social media.

Rely on Proven Design Resources

The inability to design an eye-catching postcard is often what prevents many Realtors from ever sending postcards. And that’s quite a shame considering how many proven design resources are available. The first easy-to-use resource for designing a postcard that captures the attention of your recipients is our library of free real estate templates. They’re perfect if you need inspiration for getting a postcard design started – or you could use the design as is!

If you’re still uncomfortable designing your spring real estate postcards, or hiring a designer on your own, you still have options for sending a well-designed mailer. That’s because GrowMail provides users with access to our trusted, professionally-trained design team. And relying on our design team allows you to continue focusing on more pressing tasks related to your daily operations. To get your postcard design started, simply request a quote for your design here.

Send Your Spring Real Estate Postcards With Growmail!

Make the spring and summer months ahead your best yet with help from GrowMail. We take the heavy lifting out of direct mail campaigns, allowing you to focus on selling more homes. Sending spring real estate postcards is among the most affordable, battle-tested methods for earning more business. Ready to find out why so many Realtors from throughout the nation rely on GrowMail? If so, schedule your free marketing consultation below! Our eager, friendly marketing specialists are eager to help you embark on a campaign that exceeds your expectations.