User Generated Content Ideas For Your Next Postcard Marketing Campaign

Capturing the attention of an audience is becoming more challenging than ever. Considering how many distractions people are dealing with nowadays, your postcard should grab readers’ attention right away. But how? Instead of presenting readers with the same stale content your audience is used to being served, let them hear from who really matters: current customers. The best way you can do that in your next postcard marketing campaign is with the right user generated content ideas.

If you’re unfamiliar with user generated content, or UGC for short, follow along. We’ll give you all of the insights you need to begin leveraging UGC in your next campaign below.

What is User Generated Content?

User generated content provides insights that come exclusively from parties who use your product or service. This delivers a unique perspective that allows people who are on the fence about buying from your brand to envision themselves happily using your product or service. If you’ve been searching for a way to make your campaigns stand out from the crowd, this is it. Not only does UGC help to keep your messaging fresh. It also resonates with your audience in ways traditional marketing content can’t.

Some good user generated content ideas to use in your next direct mail campaign include:

Sharing High Ratings and Reviews

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of high ratings and reviews. Lots of people won’t even entertain the idea of using your service or products without reading your reviews first. So why not beat them to the punch by placing your five-star reviews directly on your postcards? It’s pretty much a given that they’ll already read your reviews somewhere like Yelp or Google. But that may allow them to learn about one of your competitors.

By including strong reviews in postcards, you can drive home the point about the excellent service or goods you provide. And you can do so without worrying about potential future customers being swayed by naysayers or nudged towards competitors. After all, you’ve worked hard to earn those five-star reviews. Strut your stuff and show them off in your next direct mail campaign!

Display Certifications and Achievements

If your ability to deliver for customers has yielded awards or certifications, you should be including this type of information in your postcard marketing campaign. Trust badges from reputable sources like the Better Business Bureau, or industry-related awards are instrumental in building trust among people who are skeptical of your brand. And including them is one of the best user generated content ideas for separating your brand apart from competitors who can’t match your certifications.

Imagine checking your mailbox after work one afternoon, and finding two new postcards in your mailbox from a couple of local repair companies. Which company would you be more likely to call: the one with an A+ BBB grade, along with NATE certification and a five-star Google rating? Or the one simply featuring a brand name, contact information and a photo of a family. The first choice is the clear winner.

Sharing Photos of Other Customers Using Your Product or Service

One of the keys to getting skeptics of your brand on board is by allowing them to see other customers happily using your services or products. After all, seeing is believing. So if your social media feed consists of photos of customers using the products or services you provide, start thinking about leveraging those images in a direct mail campaign. This is a great way to gain more exposure from your brand among offline customers.

Another way to gain photos from customers by incentivizing them to provide photos of themselves that you can use in your marketing efforts. If the promise of going viral in your marketing campaigns isn’t enough, try offering a slight discount on the product or service you’re hoping to promote. Doing so could open up the floodgates for all kinds of new customers to start engaging with you.

Tips for incorporating user generated in your postcard marketing campaignInclude Personalized Testimonials in Your Next Postcard Marketing Campaign

One of the most powerful user generated content ideas you can employ is providing testimonials based on your top buyer personas. Picture this: you’re a homeowner in your 40s, with two children both under 5. You check your mailbox after work one day, and find a postcard from a local dentist featuring a testimonial from a single-mother who mentions that the local dentist is awesome with children, friendly and a pro at making them feel comfortable. Would you be willing to book an appointment based on the postcard you received? Or would you just find a random provider from Google?

Personalized testimonials can provide your audience with peace of mind that even the most seasoned copywriters can’t deliver. And when paired with stellar reviews, or trust symbols from reputable sources, personalized testimonials can really pack a heavy punch. If you aren’t currently collecting reviews or testimonials, the best time to start is right now!

Using QR Codes to Combine Your Digital and Postcard Marketing  Strategies

Combining your direct mail strategy with your digital marketing efforts is one of the best decisions you could make. Adding QR Codes onto your postcards is among the best ways to share user generated content via direct mail. Adding them directly onto your postcards allows you to drive recipients directly to the content you want to share. Whether it’s a Facebook photo album of customers using your product, or positive feedback from a leading industry blog, QR codes are ideal for getting your audience to see what makes your brand special.

Additionally, QR codes are crucial for tracking the engagement of your direct mail campaign. Taking that into consideration, including QR codes in your next campaign can aid your campaign in multiple ways. If you’re hoping to include QR codes in your next campaign, you can use a QR code generator to help.

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