Church Postcard Ideas to Leverage for a Better Easter Turnout

Even though it feels like the holidays weren’t that long ago, Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching. In fact, if you haven’t already started telling your community about your Easter plans, you’re already behind the eight ball. If you aren’t aware, sending church postcards is instrumental in getting a bigger Easter Sunday congregation. Here are a few ways you can leverage them to increase turnout at your Easter festivities:


Use Church Postcards to Increase Urgency

It’s a fair assumption that your audience may not realize how quickly Easter is approaching. That’s why sending a reminder, in the form of a well-designed postcard, could be exactly what it takes to convince members of your community to show up. On the other hand, there may be members of your community who are still trying to piece together their holiday plans. And receiving a church postcard including details of the Easter programming you’re conducting could encourage recipients to spend their Easter Sunday in your congregation.


Sending church postcards early and often helps recipients realize they don’t have much time left to commit to Easter plans. Including a strong call-to-action in your postcard can encourage recipients to take necessary steps to secure their place in your congregation, too. For instance, if your Easter Sunday attendees are required to RSVP, you can include language indicating that time is running out to reserve a seat. If you have recipients that are on the fence about attending, including photos of past Easter celebrations could instill a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), that inspires them to attend. The variety of methods postcards present for building urgency around Easter makes them a necessity for preparing for the big day.


Encourage Recipients to Connect With Your Church Online

Considering how many members of your community are active on social media, including your social channels on your postcards is a must. Doing so helps reinforce the idea that your congregation is the place to be on Easter Sunday. Plus, recipients can easily view photos or comments about how enjoyable previous Easter celebrations have been online. Pretend that a recipient of your church postcard has questions about what they can expect on Easter Sunday.


They could ask a quick question on social media and your answer could convince them to join your congregation. Bridging the gap between your online and offline outreach efforts is pivotal to achieving the results you’re striving for. Additionally, using your church postcards to encourage recipients to connect with your church online allows you to easily reinforce your message.


Include a Church Postcard Design That Grabs Attention

You can’t overstate the importance of including a high-quality design in your church postcard. Often people associate quality artwork with lots of back and forth, and a high price tag. But GrowMail’s library of free church direct mail templates helps eliminate this barrier. The creative team at GrowMail is also more than willing to work with you to help design an eye-catching church postcard.


Designing your own Easter postcard is easier said than done for numerous reasons. And if you aren’t a professionally trained designer, coming up with a design you can be proud of is even harder. By leaving your church postcard design in GrowMail’s hands, you can spend the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday focusing on more important tasks.  You can also rest assured that your design will look enticing enough to convince recipients to spend their holiday among your congregation. 

church postcard idea for easter

Include Details About Extracurricular Programs in Your Postcards

Lots of churches use Easter Sunday as an opportunity to kick off a variety of springtime activities. If your church or place of worship has events lined up that the whole family can enjoy, use your church postcard to tell recipients about them. Doing so could be exactly what gets them to arrive on Easter Sunday. A few examples of events recipients may be eager to read about include:

  • Easter Egg Hunt & Other Youth Events
    You can never go wrong with a fun Easter egg hunt. If your church hosts one, including details about it on your church postcard could motivate recipients to attend. That’s especially the case if your audience includes families.


  • Pre-Sermon Breakfast
    It’s likely a fair assumption that members of your audience have plans to enjoy a warm meal with their loved ones on Easter Sunday. If you’re providing a special Easter Breakfast (or Brunch), include details about it on your church postcard. Doing so could entice recipients to change their plans and spend the holiday with your congregation instead.


  • Donation & Volunteer Events
    If you’re providing recipients with an opportunity to give back to the community, use your church postcard to let your recipients know. Having the opportunity to participate in a charitable event could encourage service-minded recipients to show up and give back. If recipients enjoy their experience, it could lead to more fruitful, long-term relationships.

While informing recipients about the exciting Easter Sunday programming your Church is conducting, remember not to overwhelm them. Divulging too much information at once has the potential to turn readers away quicker than you think. Keep your messaging short and sweet by exclusively including the most important details like time, address & age ranges for activities. 


Maximize Your Easter Sunday Turnout With Church Postcards From GrowMail

Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin preparing for Easter Sunday. Churches across the nation rely on GrowMail for bigger congregations. To find out why, schedule a free consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable marketing specialists. There are a variety of proven techniques we can leverage to help you make this Easter your most memorable to date. To get your next campaign started, schedule a free consultation below!