Landscaping Marketing Strategies to Remember During Fall and Winter

It’s hard to believe that the summer is winding down, and the leaves will begin falling soon. But the sooner you begin preparing for the fall and winter, the better. There are numerous ways that employing the right landscaping marketing strategies can help make this fall your best one yet.

In fact, marketing your landscaping services sufficiently during the fall and winter months is among the best ways to finish this year strong and start next year off on the right note. Continue reading below to learn more about the landscaping marketing strategies that can make a lasting impact on your business.

Provide Landscaping Marketing Materials That Educate Customers About Proper Fall Lawn Care

Failing to educate your audience about the importance of taking care of a yard year-round is a major mistake. And it’s one that you can easily avoid with educational content that informs recipients about the dangers of allowing a yard to be neglected for extended periods of time. For instance, let’s say a newlywed couple in your area recently bought their first home in your service area. Not having ever owned a home before, they’re unaware of the benefits of timely leaf removal.

But suddenly one afternoon, they receive a postcard from you that has bullet points containing facts about how slow leaf removal can stunt the growth of a lawn. Not wanting to be responsible for having the worst-looking lawn in the neighborhood, the couple then calls the company that sent the educational postcard to schedule an appointment for them to come clean their yard. Even better, that couple will continue to use the services of that landscaping company throughout the year. Building trust through educational content is one of the best ways to build trust among a new audience.

Showcase Clean Ups and Landscaping Projects

In some cases, people may not recognize the importance of a landscaping service. But other times, they may need to be convinced that the job the company does is worth the money. That’s why letting your work speak for you is one of the most effective landscaping marketing strategies out there. Need help designing your landscaping marketing materials? 

If so, the GrowMail creative team is waiting to hear from you! Some of the most effective methods for showcasing your landscaping skills include:

  • Postcards

    Direct mail is more effective for getting your message heard than you might think. That’s especially true considering how much advertising people are faced with online nowadays. Opening the mailbox and finding a personalized postcard featuring a beautifully manicured landscape is capable of allowing recipients to envision their yard looking like that one day. Being able to evoke such a response is key to getting recipients to convert into longtime repeat customers.


  • Door Hangers

    Let’s say for instance that you recently completed a great landscaping job for a new client in an area you’ve never worked before. The next time you return to the location, you could provide the neighborhood with a snapshot of your capabilities by hanging door hangers featuring the work you did on nearby homes. This way, your brand’s name, contact information and an example of your work are all on display before recipients even set foot in their doors.


  • Rip Cards

    Rip cards make leveraging high traffic hallways, streets, and corridors is easier than ever. You could make use of rip cards by including an image of your best landscaping job on a flier, while including your contact info on small, tearable pieces of paper beneath it. Rip cards are among some of the most effective landscaping marketing materials because they kill two birds at once. They allow you to showcase your work in areas that are frequented by potential customers, while featuring your contact information.

Landscaping marketing material

Make Sure Your Spring and Summer Clientele Knows About Your Fall and Winter Services

Imagine servicing a new customer for the past several weeks, only for them to stop calling you once the temps begin to cool and the leaves start falling. This is the type of scenario landscapers constantly find themselves in when they fail to properly inform customers about the fall and winter services they provide. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation by informing your audience about your fall and winter services early and often.

By sending your customers information about the benefits of fall and winter lawn care before the temps drop, you can get customers to begin thinking about their winter landscaping plans. This strategy also allows you to establish your company as an expert, a resource your customers can rely on for answers to their lawn care questions. And this would make the process of leaving your company for a different provider nearly impossible.

Encourage Current Customers to Plan Ahead by Allowing Early Booking for Spring

You never know, maybe the educational landscaping marketing materials you send will spur recipients into action. If your marketing material is that strong, you’ll want to capitalize on that to the fullest extent possible. And that means allowing your audience to book appointments at their earliest convenience. Some ways you can get your audience to book appointments while tracking the success of your campaign include:

  • QR Codes

    Not only will a QR code quickly catch the attention of your audience, they also make the process of booking an appointment seamless. Suppose a recipient opens their mailbox and sees the amazing landscaping job on your postcard. They’d be able to pull out their phones, navigate to their cameras and point to the QR code to get on your calendar once the snow melts away.


  • Personalized URL and Landing Page

    Another way you can catch the attention of your audience, and encourage recipients to book for next season is by including a unique link on your mailer. Then, by customizing that specialized landing page around the services recipients are most likely to use. A unique landing page will likely be easy to remember all winter long, too. So even if recipients don’t book right away, they still could at some point throughout the winter.


  • Specialized Tracking Phone Number

    Changing up the phone number you include in your landscaping marketing materials accomplishes multiple goals. Not only will you be able to track how many phone calls you receive, but you can make it easier to remember than your regular phone number. And with the right messages and images, you can expect recipients to dial that number all fall and winter long.

Begin Implementing Landscaping Marketing Methods That Work With GrowMail Today!

Executing landscaping marketing methods that deliver results doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. For the past 20 years, GrowMail has helped landscaping businesses just like yours exceed their marketing goals. Yours can be the next by booking a free consultation with a GrowMail marketing specialist below. Schedule today to find out why so many businesses continue to rely on us for their landscaping marketing needs.