Proven Dental Direct Mail Techniques For Increasing Appointments

Relying on tactics that fail to lead to new dental appointments is frustrating on numerous levels. But the right direct mail strategy makes attracting new dental patients a breeze. Even if you’re brand new to postcard marketing, getting your first dental direct mail campaign started couldn’t be easier. Key methods that you need to include in your next campaign include:

Use Dental Direct Mail Collateral to Showcase What Makes Your Dental Practice Special

It’s no secret that there are endless options for people in the search for dental care. That’s why using direct mail to explain how your services are superior to the competition is a must. Maybe children have an easier time with dentist appointments at your practice because of friendly receptionists & staff. Or perhaps it’s the complimentary toothbrush and floss that you always send patients home with that keeps them returning. Regardless of what you do to make dental patients comfortable during appointments, using mailers to inform your audience about these amenities is a must.


The most successful dental direct mail campaigns help to build trust among audiences. Showing that you’re willing to take the extra mile for the comfort of patients is essential to earning the trust of potential new patients. By displaying the little things that differentiate your dental practice from the rest, you can make it easier for recipients to envision themselves in your office. And once they do that, it’s only a matter of time before they take the necessary steps to book an appointment with you.

Leverage User Generated Content

Another technique you can leverage in dental direct mail campaigns that can help build trust is to eliminate the middleman and let recipients hear from current patients. And one of the best methods of doing that is by leveraging user generated content in your dental direct mail campaigns. A few examples of how you can integrate User Generated Content into your dental postcards include:


  • Pictures

    Everyone knows the old saying that a picture is worth 1000 words. That’s why letting photos do the talking for you is a must in your next direct mail campaign. By showcasing pictures of a patient’s smile after you’ve provided a service, you may be able to convince otherwise skeptical recipients to schedule an appointment.


  • Reviews & Testimonials

    Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to find anyone willing to commit to a new product or service without reading reviews first. The same goes for people searching for dental care. The problem is, if you leave audiences to search for reviews on dentists online they may read the reviews of a competitor and choose them. You can avoid that by including your best reviews directly on your dental direct mail piece.


  • Social Media Feedback

    Audiences are increasingly active on channels like Facebook and Instagram. Sharing positive comments you receive along with other types of social media content in your dental direct mail campaign can be particularly convincing. Additionally, sharing content from social media can encourage potential patients to connect with you online.

Research Your Audience Thoroughly 

One of the biggest, most commonly made dental direct mail mistakes is inadequately researching audiences prior to committing to them. Fortunately, GrowMail provides numerous tools capable of providing you with key insights capable of helping you choose the best audience for your message, including:

  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Map Tool


    An EDDM campaign enables your dental direct mail piece to enter the mailbox of every home within a mailing route of your choice. And with GrowMail’s EDDM Map tool, you can research the routes you’re considering mailing to unveil vital insights about them. Let’s say for instance you have a special offer for seniors you’d like to spread the word about. You can use the map tool to find mailing routes with lots of seniors likely to capitalize on the offer.

    EDDM Map for a dental direct mail campaign

  • Discount Zone Map Tool


    Discount Zones come with the same benefits as EDDM campaigns. The major difference between the two is that you can mail to Discount Zones at a lower price. And they’re offered exclusively from GrowMail. The savings, combined with the insights you have access to could make them ideal for your next campaign.

map for a dental direct mail campaign

  • Targeted Mailing List Build and Price Tool


    There may be the rare occasion where you can’t reach your desired audience with EDDM or Discount Zones. In that case, you can create a targeted mailing list and receive an estimate for it free of charge. So let’s say you’re hoping to connect with college-aged students for a back-to-school special. You could create a mailing list of recipients within the ages of 18-22, and beneath a certain income level to attract the attention of returning students who may be searching for a dental provider near campus.

Use Dental Direct Mail to Directly Address Dentophobia 

Fear of the dentist, also known as dentophobia is one of the biggest obstacles preventing you from scheduling more appointments. Maybe a recipient on your mailing list had a bad experience with an old dentist. Or perhaps they’ve been avoiding taking care of some much-needed dental work for a while. Either way, one of the goals of your dental direct mail campaign should be helping recipients overcome dentophobia. 


Acknowledging potential reservations people may have about dentist visits helps to humanize your practice. Imagine receiving dental direct mail advertisements from two different dentists roughly around the same time. One postcard pitches special services and discounts, while the other addresses actual concerns preventing them from making appointments. The impact of the latter postcard, dwarfs that of the first one rendering it to the recycling bin.

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