What Are Rack Cards?

Looking to add more battle-tested promotional materials into your marketing mix? If so, Rack Cards could be the exact solution you’re seeking. A Rack Card is an affordable, simple printed promotional product that is designed to be placed on a display rack. They’re a great way to provide target audiences with a tangible item communicating your selling points. If you’re unfamiliar with rack cards, you’re in the right place. All of the insights you need regarding printing rack cards can be found below!

What Are Rack Cards Used For?

The versatility rack cards provide is one of the key reasons marketers love using them. Odds are that you can find use cases for rack cards regardless of your profession or industry. Restaurants can print rack cards that display menu options that are popular, or seasonal. Dental  and medical offices can use rack cards to share vital health tips, along with contact information for visitors to take once they leave their appointments. Essentially, the possibilities when it comes to leveraging rack cards are truly endless!


Your only limitations when it comes to how your rack cards are used are based on size. Dimensions for a a rack card printed by GrowMail are 3.5×8.5, 4×9 and 4.25×11. Those dimensions and your imagination are essentially the only limitations to how you leverage your rack cards. Considering how flexible they are when it comes to how they can be leveraged, including rack cards in your marketing strategy has the potential to inject new life into your efforts. 

Tips for Designing Rack Cards That Stand Out

One of the most vital aspects of creating rack cards that don’t go to waste is design. Fortunately, GrowMail has a proven, in-house creative team that is more than capable of helping you bring the vision you have for your rack cards into fruition. But if you’re confident in your own design capabilities, here are a few key concepts to keep in mind:


  • Don’t Bury Important Information:

    People have short attention spans. Taking that into consideration, you don’t want to lose their attention by burying the most important information at the bottom of your rack card. Ensure that the most relevant details of your message don’t get lost in the shuffle by starting off with these insights.


  • Keep Your Branding Consistent:

    You don’t want to confuse your audience with multiple logos taglines or color schemes. In order to get the results you need from your rack card, keeping your branding consistent with the rest of your marketing materials is a must. Doing so helps to reinforce your brand as the “go-to” in audiences’ minds once a need for your services arises.


  • Make Sure Your Rack Cards Are Printed Using Quality Material:


    Failing to make sure that your rack card is printed using quality material is among the biggest mistakes you could make. Flimsy, poorly produced rack cards may leave recipients with negative impressions of your brand. Additionally, they won’t last as long as high quality card stock material, which reduces their life span.

what are rack cards?

Best Practices for Leveraging Rack Cards

Now that you know what rack cards are, along with how to design them it’s time to decide what else you should consider including. Without the right content, your rack cards could wind up becoming a scratchpad quicker than you think. Here are a few tips to keep in mind regarding the content of your rack cards:


  • Display Your Rack Cards in a Prominent Area:

    You’ll never get the results you desire from your rack cards unless people can see them. That’s why placing them in an area with heavy foot-traffic is a must. Doing so drastically increases the odds of getting the results you need.


  • Include a Clear, Strong Call to Action:

    Making sure that recipients take your desired next step is your primary objective. But in order for recipients to act, you need to provide audiences with a call-to-action that is crystal clear, so taking that next step is painless. Otherwise they may never take action.


  • Let Photos Do The Talking For You:


    The best way to lose the attention of audiences is to include multiple huge blocks of text. This outdated method is sure to send audiences running for the hills. But alternatively, photos are an ideal way to maintain the attention of readers. To keep audiences engaged and interested in your message, use as many photos and illustrations as possible.


How to Track the Results of Your Rack Cards

Once your rack card has been printed and placed, you’ll start getting eager to find out what kind of impact they’re having. Luckily, there are a few ways you can track the results of your rack card. Some of the most common tracking methods include:


  • Adding a QR Code:

    Lots of people are unaware of how impactful QR codes can be for tracking the success of marketing campaigns. By placing a QR code on your rack cards, you can take recipients directly onto your landing page where they can take your desired next step. And once your campaign ends, you’ll receive a report informing you of how many scans your code received.


  • Including a Unique URL:

    Since most of the people who read your rack cards will be anticipating seeing your website, creating a URL specifically associated with your rack cards could capture attention quickly. That’s especially true if you can think of a catchy, witty unique URL for your specific landing page. As an added bonus, once your campaign ends, you’ll get a report showing you how much traffic the unique landing page received.


  • Offering a Specialized Tracking Phone Number:

    Similar to a unique URL and landing page, a specialized tracking phone number can also help to attract attention. A  specialized phone number different from your original line gives audiences a great reason to keep your rack card handy. Additionally, you can easily trace how many phone calls you received came as a result of your rack card once your campaign ends.

Begin Designing and Printing Rack Cards Today With GrowMail!

You don’t have to go through the quest of designing, printing and placing your rack card all by yourself. The seasoned, knowledgeable marketing specialists at GrowMail have been helping businesses of all kinds get the results they need from rack cards for decades. To find out why so many businesses rely on GrowMail for rack cards, schedule a free consultation today. Our staff is eager to help you begin using rack cards by answering any questions you have about getting started.