What Are the Best Mailing Options for Small Businesses?

If you’re new to direct mail marketing, the task of finding the most suitable mailing option for your small business may seem taller than expected. Luckily, you don’t have to search far to get the answers you need. The good news is that there is no shortage of mailing options for small businesses that are capable of helping you get the results you need. Find out what those options are, along with details about what makes them ideal for businesses like yours below.

Is EDDM One of the Most Effective Mailing Options for Small Businesses?

There are a variety of reasons why Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is among the most viable mailing options for small businesses. Leveraging EDDM allows you to get your message across to your target audience at affordable rates. Mail sent using EDDM gets delivered to each address on a postal route. And using GrowMail’s free EDDM Map Tool allows you to get detailed demographic information regarding your selected mailing route. 

why eddm is among the best mailing options for small businesses

Failing to explore insights related to EDDM routes is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. A few more reasons that make EDDM among the best mailing options for small businesses include:

  • Size:

The ability to send a bigger mailer at low costs is one of the biggest advantages to EDDM campaigns. The EDDM size requirements allow you to send direct mail in a variety of sizes and formats, including brochures. The sizes range from as small as a 6.25×9 postcard up to 12 x 15 oversized postcards.

  • Price:

It’s no secret that small businesses don’t have cash to waste. That’s why the fact that you can use EDDM to send mail for as little as $0.18 per piece is one you can’t ignore. EDDM campaigns also increase savings since they don’t require a mailing permit.

  • Control:

Don’t overlook the importance of being able to control the timing of your mailer. Leveraging EDDM campaigns allows you to determine the exact date you’d like your mail to go out. This makes crafting an effective message and call-to-action simple.

How Small Businesses Benefit From Discount Zones

A Discount Zone, exclusively offered from GrowMail, allows marketers to send mail to select areas at a fraction of the cost of EDDM campaigns. Discount Zones are areas that have been identified where our printing efficiencies can be leveraged for additional postage savings. Let’s say for example that you’re a local landscaper planning to send direct mail advertising your services to a new area. Prior to committing to a particular mailing option, this landscaper uses GrowMail’s Discount Zone Map Tool to determine if that area qualifies for Discount Zone Pricing.

why discount zones are among the best mailing options for small businesses

The decision to use the free Discount Zone map tool pays dividends. The tool allows this savvy marketer to find out that he could mail his target area for just $0.23 per postcard. At a quantity of roughly 25000 mail pieces, the final cost is lower than EDDM and targeted direct mail. And those savings can have an enormous impact on a small business like the landscaping company in our example.

Why Saturation Mail is Among the Best Mailing Options for Small Businesses

The most ideal mailing options for small businesses aren’t limited to EDDM and Discount Zones. Saturation mail allows users to target and saturate specific areas for as low as $0.19 per piece. For marketers hoping to create campaigns that resonate with recipients within certain demographics, saturation mail is a terrific option. In a nutshell, saturation mailings combine the strengths of targeted direct mail and EDDM campaigns. The fact is the success of your campaign relies equally on your audience and your message.

Saturation mailing makes getting your message heard by your target audience simple. That’s largely due to the wide range of demographic categories you can use to create your audience. Ultimately, saturation mailings are convenient mailing options for small businesses that can’t afford a mailing list, but need the results they deliver. Creating your ideal audience and targeting it with a relevant message could lead to more responses than you can imagine.

Direct Mail Tracking Options for Small Businesses

Once you’ve landed on the mailing option that best suits your campaign goals, the next step is measuring your results. There are a few different ways GrowMail can help you track the outcome of your mailing campaign. Some of the most effective direct mail tracking methods include:

  • QR Codes:

Including QR codes on your mailers accomplishes multiple goals. First is helping to capture the attention of your recipients. After all, you don’t see QR codes outside of restaurant menus very often. Seeing it captures the attention of recipients, leading them to scan your code. This allows you to nudge them into taking next steps. And once your campaign ends you can analyze how many scans your QR code received.

  • Tracking Phone Number:

Don’t include your standard phone number on your mailer and call it a day. By leveraging a tracking phone number, you can receive a summary of how many phone inquiries you’ve received as a result of your mailing campaign. Additionally, including a new phone number that your audience doesn’t have memorized helps give recipients a reason to save your mail piece somewhere handy.

  • Unique URL & Landing Page:

Including a unique URL and landing page on your mailer is instrumental in helping to reinforce your message. Another benefit of including a unique URL and landing page onto your mailers is the ability to see how many recipients visited the page at the conclusion of your campaign. And if the content on the landing page is compelling enough, it could convince recipients to share your mailer around.

Get More Details About the Best Mailing Options For Small Businesses With a Free Consultation

Even though you have the insights you need regarding the best mailing options for small businesses, you don’t have to start mailing alone. The marketing specialists at GrowMail are capable of guiding you throughout each step of the process. Once you’re ready to discuss your mailing options schedule a free consultation with a GrowMail marketing specialist below. Our team of reputable, friendly marketing specialists are eager to help you embark on your direct mail journey.