Why a Direct Mail API is a Necessity for E-Commerce Retailers

Being able to leverage all of the resources that are available and capable of helping you strengthen connections with your audience is what will separate your store from the rest. When it comes to the resources that possess the ability to help e-commerce retailers enhance connections with audiences, nothing gets the job done better than a reliable direct mail API. If you’re unsure of the impact a direct mail API could have on your business, you’re in the right place! Below, we’ll let you in on all the benefits that come with relying on a direct mail API to construct a winning campaign for your store.

Mailing Your Message Means It Will Face Less Competition

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for brands to focus most of their time and effort on digital marketing methods. But completely abandoning offline methods of marketing is a mistake many e-commerce retailers make. It’s also an error that you can capitalize on by making use of a direct mail API. Doing so allows you to provide a break for members of your audience who are suffering from digital fatigue.


When you check your emails or social channels, think about how many advertising messages you’re inundated with. Your audience members are swimming in sales and marketing content online, making the challenge of getting people to engage with your message more difficult than ever. The competition for attention is much more manageable by delivering your message into your audience’s mailbox. Including an eye-catching design, along with an inspiring call-to-action could allow you to create new, long-lasting connections you’ve been hoping for.

Direct Mail Can Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Another common mistake e-commerce retailers should avoid is overspending on customer acquisition costs. If you’re not keeping track of your cost-acquisition-costs (CAC), the amount you may be spending to convert new customers may catch you off guard. The formula for calculating your cost per customer is: amount spent on sales and marketing divided by the total customers gained over a set period of time. So let’s pretend that you’ve spent $500 over the course of the past month on Facebook and Instagram ads.Over the course of that month, you gain 20 new customers. Initially, $20 per paying customer may not sound bad.


But factoring the cost of alternative marketing methods like direct mail can deliver the same results as digital marketing channels at a fraction of the cost. You can send postcards for as little as $0.19 per postcard. And sending postcards with GrowMail’s direct mail API allows you to benefit from tracking insights, along with design help. So let’s pretend that you’ve mailed 10,000 postcards to each home in one of our exclusive Discount Zones at $0.19 per postcard. This campaign delivers 500 new customers to your store, reducing your CAC to $3.80. Don’t underestimate direct mail’s ability to drastically reduce your customer acquisition costs.

Direct Mail Makes Increasing Customer Loyalty Simple

Direct Mail isn’t just for acquiring new customers. It’s highly instrumental for keeping current customers happy and engaging with your brand, too. Here’s how:


  • Personalized Content With First Party Data

    Nobody wants to feel like they’re on the receiving end of a generic message going to everybody in the neighborhood. That’s why so many marketers include first-party data to help their messaging stand out. Referencing details like your recipients’ name, birthday, hometown or another personal detail could be instrumental in making your mailer stand apart from the crowd.


  • Event-Based Mailers

    So much of what pains marketers is knowing when to provide certain segments with the right message. Leveraging a direct mail api that allows users to benefit from triggered sends allows users to automate mailers to be sent once certain thresholds are met. Let’s say you haven’t heard from once loyal shoppers in a few months. To keep that audience engaged, you could use GrowMail’s API to send a postcard to every shopper that’s failed to make a new purchase within 90 days.


  • Product Updates

    In some cases, invoking the feeling of FOMO in your audience is a great way to boost engagement. By including product updates about the services or goods your audiences are missing out on, you could be providing the gentle nudge necessary for getting recipients interested in your brand again. After all, if you are running low on a popular product, your audience will appreciate your outreach.

    ecommerce retailer executing a marketing campaign with a direct mail api

You Can Use Direct Mail to Repurpose Online Content 

Keeping your online and offline marketing efforts completely separate from one another is a major mistake. After all, if your audience that engages with your content online enjoys it, who’s to say your offline audience won’t either? Some tips for bridging the gap between your online and offline marketing efforts include:


  • Share Ratings and Reviews

    Social proof in the form of high ratings and reviews are one of the most effective ways to win skeptical shoppers over. If you’ve generated some positive reviews recently, featuring them on your mailers could provide recipients with the evidence needed to give your brand a chance. After all, future shoppers are more likely to trust the word of other fellow shoppers before the brand itself.


  • Showcase Customer Photos

    Seeing is believing for many members of your audience. So sharing pictures of other shoppers happily and successfully using your product could be exactly what it takes to get recipients curious about what it would be like if they were to use your products. And many members of your audience may not be online to see the photos your customers post online. Sharing them in a postcard may be the only way for them to see how effective your services or goods can be.


  • Include Website Info & Tell Recipients Where They Can Follow You Online

    If you’re active on social media, in a company newsletter or your company’s blog don’t make the mistake of failing to tell recipients of your mailer about it. Including this information in your postcards doesn’t just make it easier for recipients to find you online. It also allows recipients to share your information with friends and family.

Get Up and Running With GrowMail ‘s Direct Mail API Today!

The impact that the right direct mail API could have on your e-commerce store is undeniable. If you’re unsure about the impact direct mail can make for your business, book a free demo with the knowledgeable, friendly marketing specialists at GrowMail today. For more than two decades, retailers of all types have relied on GrowMail to get the marketing results they strive for. To find out why retailers continue to rely on GrowMail, book your free consultation today!