Why Direct Mail is a Necessity for Your Tax Season Marketing Strategy

Using proven methods for your tax season marketing success is essential to starting the year strong. Direct mail is near the top of the list when it comes to the most effective marketing methods for informing your community about your tax prep services. It’s no secret that much of the marketing efforts of your competitors will be geared toward digital channels. This makes mailboxes in your community the perfect place for you to kickstart your marketing efforts. Some of the main reasons why direct mail is a must for your upcoming tax season marketing campaigns include:

You Can Use Direct Mail to Create an Omnichannel Tax Season Marketing Strategy

A common pitfall you should avoid this tax season is believing that your audience is only active on one medium. The reality is that people who would be interested in your services respond to marketing messaging from a variety of places. That’s why constructing an omnichannel marketing strategy should be your priority. Here are a few ways direct mail can help:

  • Encourage Recipients to Visit Your Website

    Considering the size of a standard postcard, you probably won’t be able to include everything you want to on it. By adding your URL onto your mailer, you can point recipients towards the information they’re searching for. Including your website on your mailer also allows recipients to easily share it with family or friends.

  • Share User Generated Content

    Believe it or not, there are still portions of your audience that are inactive on social media. But direct mail allows you to share all of your most impactful online content with them, including content directly from current clientele. If recipients go online to search for reviews themselves, they could wind up on the website of a competitor. Including high ratings and other types of content from current clientele on your mailer helps to instill trust right away.
  • Invite Recipients to Connect on Social Media

    There’s no telling when your audience may have tax prep questions for you to answer. Let’s say a recipient on your mailing list comes up with questions at 3 in the morning. By including social channels in your mailer, they can leave a comment or message with their question and you can answer it at your earliest convenience. This could be exactly what it takes to kickstart a long relationship with a new, valuable client.


Direct Mail Makes Tracking The Results of Your Tax Season Marketing Campaigns Simple

One of the aspects of direct mail campaigns that is often overlooked is the fact that they can be easily tracked. The ability to track your campaigns allows you to quickly identify what worked on your campaign and what can be improved in the future. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Here are a few ways you can track your direct mail campaign with GrowMail:


  • Include a QR Code
    Including a QR code onto your mailer will do more than just help it stand out from everything else in the mailbox. Using QR codes also allows you to track how impactful your mailer was. That’s because once your campaign concludes, you can see how many people scanned the code throughout its duration.


  • Leverage Tracking Phone Numbers

    Obviously, you’d be remiss not to include a phone number on your mailer. But including a unique, campaign-specific phone number allows you to accurately and easily track the amount of phone inquiries generated from your mailer. And with a unique tracking mailer, you could make your phone number easier for recipients to remember.


  • Create a Specialized URL & Landing Page 

    Providing recipients of your mailer with a URL and landing page specifically crafted to compliment your campaign accomplishes multiple goals. The first is captivating recipients who were anticipating seeing your regular URL enough for them to visit it. This makes the process of getting your leads to take the next step easier than you can imagine. Additionally all of the visits that your unique landing page receives are tracked, allowing you to measure the results of your campaign.

Financial services direct mail template

You Can Boost Brand Recall and Awareness With Direct Mail

It’s no secret that tax season has a tendency to bring out the procrastinators. That’s why making brand recall and awareness top priorities of your tax season marketing strategy is a must. If you’re unsure of the role direct mail plays in raising your brand awareness and recall consider this scenario. It’s late march and you’ve sent several mailers to the address of someone who waits until the last minute to file taxes. Since this person has received several mailers during the course of the past few months, when the time does come for them to finally file their taxes your practice is the first that comes to mind. 


Another aspect of direct mail campaigns that contributes to their ability to boost brand recall is that it can be easily stored. Perhaps you send a few mailers to someone who is more meticulous about their plans for filing taxes. Afterwards, this recipient stores your mailer in a safe prominent place. This makes it so they can reach out if they have any questions related to their tax documents, or whenever they’re ready to file. Frankly, it’s impossible to overstate the impact direct mail has on your brand recall and awareness.

Start Planning Your Tax Season Marketing Strategy With GrowMail Today!

You don’t have to embark on your next tax season direct mail campaign alone. Without a proven direct mail partner, getting the results you need can seem like an uphill climb. Find out why so many financial service providers and tax professionals rely on GrowMail for tax season marketing campaigns by scheduling a free consultation with a marketing specialist today. Whether you’re brand new to direct mail, or you’re a tax season marketing veteran, GrowMail has solutions capable of helping you make this your best tax season yet. Schedule a free consultation below to get started.