EDDM Postcard Design Tips to Remember

Don’t let a lack of design experience prevent you from reaping the benefits of an effective EDDM campaign. Fortunately, you don’t need an abundance of design resources to create the perfect EDDM postcard design. The formula for creating an EDDM postcard design that yields the results you need is easier to follow than you can imagine. Some of the most effective tips for designing an EDDM postcard can be found below.

First EDDM Postcard Design Tip: Understand All of Your Options Regarding Size

Crafting the ideal EDDM postcard design becomes considerably easier once you understand all of your size options. Sticking to the restrictions of the confines of a standard postcard size is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Here are a few of the most important details to remember when it comes to the size of your EDDM mailers:

  • Minimum Size:
    According to the USPS, your mailer must be at least 6 1/8th tall, or be 10.5 inches in length on one side.
  • Maximum Dimensions:
    The EDDM size requirements allow marketers to send a larger postcard at the same rate as a standard one. This allows you to get more bang for your buck. Postcards that adhere to the EDDM size requirements are no longer than 15 inches long or 12 inches tall.
  • Weight:
    In layman’s terms, the lighter your postcard, the better. The maximum weight of an EDDM postcard is 3.03 ounces.
  • Thickness:
    The last requirement to be cognizant of is the thickness of your mailer. In order for your EDDM postcard to be mailed, it must be thicker than 0.007”, but thinner than .75”.

Examples of four popular postcard sizes that meet EDDM guidelines

Next EDDM Postcard Design Tip: Let Your Photos Do the Talking For You

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why one of the most effective methods for creating an eye-catching EDDM postcard is to include vibrant photos. After all, seeing is believing for most recipients on your mailing list. And including the right photos could allow recipients to easily envision themselves using your product or services. Additionally, it’s no secret that attention spans are getting shorter.

You could quickly lose the attention of your audience with huge chunks of text. But sharing a photo or two of people that look happy to patronize your services could be exactly what it takes to get them to give your brand a try. Pretend that you’ve checked your mailbox and received postcards from competing restaurants. One of the postcards features photos of food, filled tables and bars, along with a review or two. If the other mailer contains long descriptions about how great the food is, along with a slogan it’s fair to assume that the restaurant sending the first mailer will get your order first.

Often Overlooked EDDM Design Tip: Make Your Offer Stand Out

Failing to differentiate your call to action from the rest of the text in your mailer is a highly detrimental mistake. If your EDDM postcard includes an offer for a discount, make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed by using larger, bolder fonts and colors. Providing recipients with an offer that can’t be refused does you no good if they’re unable to see it. Making your offer stand out from the rest of your mailer is probably easier than you think though.

Instead of using the same font as your headline or body text, change it up and go with something else that fits within the theme of your design. Vibrant, lively typography has the potential to capture the attention of recipients who may have otherwise thrown your postcard away. The right offer, combined with the perfect placement and design could be exactly what it takes to get recipients to take the desired action you want them to take. That’s especially the case when you’ve crafted a strong call-to-action.

Final EDDM Postcard Design Tip: Get Creative With Tracking Your Results

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of tracking your direct mail campaign. After all, if you fail to track the results of your EDDM campaign, you’ll never know how to assess its performance. Luckily there are a few ways you can track the performance of your EDDM campaign without sacrificing your design, including:

  • Placing a QR Code in your design

    Including a QR code in your EDDM postcard design makes tracking the engagement your mailer generated simple. And a small QR code placed near the photos, or call-to-action on your mailer could be exactly what gets recipients to scan it, leading to your website. Once your campaign concludes, you’ll receive a report allowing you to see how many recipients found your mailer intriguing enough to scan the QR Code.


  • Share a campaign-specific URL with a unique landing page

    Another way you can track the results of your campaign without sacrificing the quality of your design is with a unique URL. Most recipients are likely expecting you to include your URL in your postcard. A unique URL leading recipients to a campaign-specific landing page helps your design further reinforce your brand identity and message. Placing your link in a prominent area and differentiating it using a bold font or color helps it stand out. Nothing helps to drive the message of your mailer home than recipients being greeted with the same color scheme and message online.


  • Tracking Phone Number

    Including a phone number in your EDDM postcard is a no-brainer. But getting creative with the typography and placement of your phone number is essential to receiving more phone calls. And including a tracking phone number different from your regular number lets you track how many calls your mailer generated. 

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