Is EDDM Worth it? Plus Six Tips on Making Your Campaign Count

Deciding to embark on a direct mail campaign can lead to marketers asking themselves a variety of questions. One of the most common questions being, “is EDDM worth it?” If you’ve found yourself weighing the costs vs. the benefits of running an EDDM campaign, sit tight. Below, you’ll find the answer to that question, along with so many more insights about why an EDDM is an asset you can’t afford to exclude from your marketing toolkit.

Yes EDDM is Worth it – And Here’s Why

Simply put, you won’t find many low-cost marketing solutions that deliver the results that EDDM campaigns are capable of delivering. Anyone asking themselves if an EDDM campaign is worthwhile should first understand the price points involved. GrowMail’s most popular full-service 6×9 EDDM packages let users send full color postcards for as low as $0.37-$0.41 each. Pricing this low presents an opportunity to reduce the amount of money you spend on marketing. The low price tag associated with EDDM campaigns could provide you with the flexibility needed to continue with additional marketing strategies. 

Another area that makes EDDM campaigns worthwhile is the fact that you don’t need to waste time (and money) entering addresses for each mailer. That’s because mailing with EDDM gets your mail into every household within a specific zip code. GrowMail even has a map tool you can use to explore potential routes for your next EDDM campaign free of charge.

But in order to make your EDDM campaign a hit (thus making it worth your while), you need to know how to execute it properly. Having an understanding of how to make an EDDM campaign successful goes a long way in answering questions like, “is EDDM worth it?”, too. Following the six best practices below can help you immensely on your way.

Make Sure Your Mailers Meet USPS Guidelines

Keeping costs low is one of the main objectives of any successful marketing campaign. Making sure that your direct mail meets the size requirements is essential to keeping your costs down. Failing to adhere to these guidelines could result in having to start from square one because of your mail being returned. After 20 years of helping marketers seamlessly execute EDDM campaigns, you can count on GrowMail to make sure that your mailers meet the USPS size requirements. You can select from a variety of USPS-compliant sizes for your next campaign here.

Include Testimonials and Certifications to Build Trust

Your EDDM campaign won’t be worth you, or your recipients’ time unless you provide them with relevant, compelling information. That’s why the mail that you send during your EDDM campaign needs to go further than what your service or message is. You need to convince recipients why you are the best-in-class option for that service. The best course of action for doing so is providing recipients with any testimonials or certifications that quickly illustrate your value. Providing users with relevant social proof is essential for making your EDDM campaign successful.

Track the Success of Your EDDM Campaign

Failing to track the results of your EDDM campaign is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. If you’re wondering why, let’s say you run an EDDM campaign, then experience a steady increase in sales. If you don’t have tracking with a landing page, or a  specialized phone number, you may be tricked into thinking that the increase in sales had nothing to do with your postcards. This, in turn, could result in you choosing not to execute EDDM campaigns in the future. That would eventually result in you wondering where all your sales went! By making tracking a priority of your EDDM campaign, you’re able to continually optimize them. 

is eddm worth it

Include An Offer Recipients Can’t Refuse

One of the biggest fears marketers have regarding direct mail campaigns is that the mailers they’ve worked hard on might just end up in the trash without ever being used. This fear can be averted by presenting recipients with a “Godfather offer.” Providing your audience with a one-time offer that expires before a certain date is a sure-fire way to get them to engage with your brand. It’s important to remember that any offer that you include in your EDDM campaign should contain a brief but effective call-to-action. 

Make Your Community Ties Known

The name of the game when it comes to effective EDDM campaigns is to keep your messaging relevant and timely. By staying up to date with current events in your community, you could make the process of earning its trust much easier. Has the local High School Basketball team that you sponsor advanced in the State playoffs? Including a brief congratulatory note in your mailer may catch the attention of faculty, staff or parents of students on the team. 

This could result in you earning a brand-new base of customers. That’s especially the case if your business has an active presence in your community. Another method for demonstrating your ties to a community is adding a map of your community onto the postcard. Ideally, this map would include pins above the households you’ve provided services for. This gives indication to recipients that you’re actively helping their community.

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There are so many reasons why discovering that EDDM is actually worth it is exciting for marketers. If you’re still asking yourself, “is an EDDM campaign worth it?”, there’s no time like the present to get your questions answered directly from the marketing specialists at GrowMail. Our friendly, reputable specialists are eager and ready to answer any of your questions so you can get your EDDM campaign up and running. So what are you waiting for? You can learn more about the benefits of an EDDM campaign and start sending mail to a community of your choice today! 

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