Prepare for Fall and Winter With These HVAC Direct Mail Tips

Even though the temps are still hot, now’s the perfect time for HVAC companies to start building a  marketing strategy for the fall and winter. One of the most reliable resources available for exceeding your goals as you close out the year is an HVAC direct mail campaign. Direct mail is a foolproof method for growing an HVAC business during the cold weather months for numerous reasons. Direct mail is ideal for educating audiences about the importance of making sure HVAC units are fully operational before the snow starts falling. More reasons your HVAC business should be planning to send direct mail this fall include:

Send HVAC Direct Mail That Builds Authority With New Clientele

Earning the trust of new leads is one of the biggest obstacles you’ll be forced to overcome. But sending HVAC direct mail pieces that reinforce your expertise can make that hurdle much easier to clear. Suppose you check your mailbox one afternoon and find a mailer from a local HVAC company that’s been in business for several decades. And they include testimonials from happy customers they’ve serviced in the past raving about the wonderful job the company does. 

Then, a few days later, you receive another mailer from a different HVAC company. But this mailer doesn’t provide any information about how long they’ve been in business, areas of expertise, or locations they serve. Instead, this company’s HVAC direct mail piece simply features stock images, along with a generic call to action saying “call us today!” It’s probably fair to assume that if your furnace goes out that you’d call the company that sent the first mailer instead of the latter. Direct mail truly makes building authority with an unfamiliar audience easier than you can imagine.

Follow Up With Customers That You Serviced During the Summer

If you’ve been able to get new clients during the summer, that’s excellent news for your business. Keep the momentum up by following up with those clients during the summer to ensure that they know you’re their partner for any HVAC difficulties they may encounter during the fall or winter. One of the worst mistakes you could make is landing new customers, but failing to follow up with them. Let’s say for instance you fail to reach out to clients you worked with over the summer and their furnace goes out this winter.

Since you failed to reach out to this person after servicing their air conditioning unit, they got in contact with a competitor. And that competitor wound up following-up all throughout the fall and winter months. So that means once the summer arrived, and their AC unit needed another tune-up the competitor received the call instead of you. That’s all it takes for a competitor to convert loyal customers.

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Send HVAC Direct Mail That Educates Recipients

There are lots of new homeowners within your audience who are unaware of the downfalls that can come with neglecting an HVAC unit ahead of the fall and winter. That’s why providing your audience with educational material is essential for building authority with recipients. So don’t just provide recipients with the basics. Go above and beyond by explaining the dangers that result from failing to make sure filters are properly and thoroughly cleaned. Offer an explanation of the role that proper HVAC maintenance plays in keeping their homes warm during the winter.

This could be exactly what it takes to get your audience thinking about scheduling an appointment to use your services. The impact educational HVAC direct mail pieces could have on your bottom line is immense. No homeowner wants to deal with a faulty HVAC unit during the cold weather months. Providing your audience with insights necessary for keeping warm during the fall and winter could be exactly what it takes to earn the loyal clientele you need.

Use HVAC Direct Mail to Make Booking Service Calls Simple

Simplifying your booking process is a must for reaping the full benefits of a direct mail campaign. Without a seamless booking process, it doesn’t matter how great your campaign is. Recipients will still likely book a service call with competitors if your booking process isn’t simple enough. Fortunately, there are numerous ways HVAC direct mail campaigns can simplify the process of scheduling a service call. 

Here’s how:

  • Include a Clear, Effective Call-to-Action That Encourages Recipients to Book:
    Even if your direct mail campaign is perfectly designed, it won’t matter without the right call-to-action. The most important thing to remember is that it needs to be direct and actionable. Refrain from confusing recipients with too many words. On the other hand, you don’t want your call-to-action to be so bland that it doesn’t stand out at all. Keeping your call-to-action focused on booking an appointment ahead of the fall allows recipients to begin thinking about their HVAC units. 

  • Use a QR Code to Take Recipients to a Booking Site:Let’s say that your mailer (including your call to action) gets your audience thinking about getting their filters cleaned soon. You can make booking extremely simple by including a QR code. That’s because it takes recipients onto a scheduling site where they can book appointments. As an added bonus, including a QR code is also a great way to track the success of your HVAC direct mail campaign. That’s because you can easily see how many scans your code got once your campaign has concluded.

Send HVAC Direct Mail That Provide Results With GrowMail!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin planning your next HVAC direct mail campaign. Temps will begin dropping, and your services will be needed, before you know it! Let your community know that you can keep their homes warm this winter with a direct mail campaign from GrowMail. Our friendly, knowledgeable marketing specialists are eager to provide you with their expertise. To get your next campaign off the ground, schedule a free consultation with our marketing specialists below!