What Are The Best Alternatives to Email Marketing?

If you’ve recently noticed that your email marketing efforts have plateaued, or declined you probably aren’t alone. After all, now, more than ever, people are growing fatigued from an influx of marketing emails. This means it’s time to begin exploring the best alternatives to email marketing. Implementing new marketing strategies can certainly be daunting. But rest assured we’ll make the process of doing so as painless as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Leveraging Alternatives to Email Marketing?

Considering how essential email campaigns have become for marketing, you may have lost sight of its drawbacks. Failing to understand the shortcomings of focusing too heavily on email marketing could make you more resistant towards other solutions. A few hurdles relying on proven alternatives to email marketing can help you overcome include:

  • Email Marketing is More Competitive:

All you need to do is check your emails right now and you’ll realize how many dozens of emails your audience receives daily. And out of all of those emails, it’s fair to assume that your audience will probably only read a few of them, if that. Since that’s the case, avoiding email altogether in favor of a method like direct mail could be what it takes to get your message across.

  • No Spam Filters, Opt-ins or Unsubscribes:

The fact that you need to get a recipient’s permission before you can begin emailing them can prevent you from spreading your message as widely as you’d like. And spam filters are growing increasingly more likely to consume emails that aren’t even spam. These circumstances create the perfect opportunity to begin integrating marketing methods that enable you to connect with audiences without opt-ins or spam filters can drastically boost the likelihood of audiences receiving your message.

  • Email Engagement is Declining:

No one enjoys the feeling of being ignored. But that’s exactly what’s happening a lot of the times when sending marketing emails. This is proven by the fact that both email click through rates and open rates are on the decline. As this continues, leveraging marketing lesser-used methods could deliver big results. 

Some of the most effective alternatives to email marketing include:

Postcard Marketing 

Don’t underestimate the power of a well designed postcard. You’d be surprised at how much of an impact they can have on your ability to attract and retain new customers. That’s especially the case when you consider the fact that actual mailboxes aren’t nearly as cluttered as email inboxes. Plus, personalizing your marketing messages is just as simple as it is to personalize emails – the same thing can be said for tracking your mailing campaigns. GrowMail provides users with multiple methods for tracking campaigns, including QR codes, specialized phone numbers and unique URLs and landing pages.

Suppose you run a postcard marketing campaign for a dental office hoping to earn more new patients. Our tracking capabilities allow you to design a few different variations of a postcard offering a discounted teeth cleaning appointment and A/B test each one by sending them to a small list of your ideal recipients. Then, once you can analyze the results of your report you can choose to run a larger campaign with the highest performing postcard. This allows you to rest assured that you’re putting your best foot forward with each mailer you send.

best alternatives to email marketing

Relying on Unique Printed Products

If you’ve spent the majority of your time and energy focused on email marketing, you may be unaware of the impact certain printed marketing materials can have. It’s never been easier to fall into the trap of pouring too much attention into the digital space. Taking that into consideration, here are a few printed products that you may not have realized can positively impact your marketing efforts:

  • Door Hangers:

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you’ve just sold your first home in a new territory. Naturally, you’d be hoping to expand your footprint in this new area. And an ideal way to do this is to provide prospective sellers with your information once you’ve closed the deal by leaving door hangers on the door handles of homes neighboring the one you just sold.

  • Rack Cards:

Have you ever seen a stack of small postcard-shaped flyers on the receptionists’ desk in your doctor’s office? Those are called rack cards, and they provide immense versatility to your marketing strategy. If placed in high-traffic areas like hallways or lobbies, they can capture the attention of more people than you realize. And if they include information on how to take a certain action, they could result in more new customers.

  • Brochures & Flyers:

Providing audiences with tangible literature in the form of a brochure can leave a big first impression on your audience. Not only because they likely weren’t expecting it, but also because you can include images, graphs, charts and more. As an added bonus, recipients may share it with a friend, relative or colleague if they find it valuable.

best alternatives to email marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

One of the most common marketing mistakes you’ll see is believing audiences will only respond to your messaging if they receive it in a certain place. The reality is that your audience lives in a variety of channels. That means you’d benefit from saturating your marketing messaging in multiple channels. This is why developing an omnichannel strategy is essential. An omnichannel marketing strategy entails leveraging a variety of different marketing methods to get your message across.

Let’s say for instance that you’ve begun sending postcards with a discount code to inactive customers instead of emailing them discounts. And in your postcards, you include your social media handles allowing recipients to navigate to your pages to see your products on display. This is ideal for helping to reinforce your brand, without your audiences’ email inboxes. Omnichannel marketing is a highly effective method for remaining connected with your audience without overdoing it. 


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