Cannabis and CBD Marketing Facts to Keep in Mind

Marketing for a CBD or a cannabis company comes with its own unique set of challenges. And even though they may seem insurmountable at first, overcoming them is easier than you think. Understanding the resources available that are capable of helping you kickstart a cannabis or CBD marketing campaign is a must. Direct mail is among the most effective methods for generating interest in your CBD or cannabis brand. Let’s dive into the benefits of executing a direct mail campaign below!

You Can Easily Track Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Failing to track the impact of your marketing campaign is a critical mistake. And tracking direct mail campaigns is easier than you think. A few of the most effective ways you can track the performance of your direct mail campaign include:


  • QR Codes

    Including a QR code onto your postcards can serve multiple purposes. The first is that it can capture the attention of recipients. That’s because they’ll likely be caught off guard by seeing a QR code on a mailer instead of a restaurant menu. The next goal it accomplishes is tracking how many recipients scanned it prior to your campaigns conclusion.


  • Tracking URL & Landing Page

    Featuring your website on your mailers is a no-brainer. But you can take things a step further by including a personalized URL. Including a personalized URL (PURL) that leads recipients to a landing page that reiterates your campaign’s messaging allows you to see how many people clicked it once your campaign ends. Including the name of a recipient within your URL is likely to grab the attention of your recipients, too.


  • Unique Phone Number

    You’d  be hard-pressed to find a postcard in your mailbox without a phone number. But what you may not realize is how many brands include tracking phone numbers on their mailers. A tracking phone number allows you to associate phone calls that are generated from your mailer to your campaign. Once your campaign concludes, you’ll be able to easily tell how many phone calls your mailer generated.

Direct Mail Makes Providing Targeted Messaging Simple

A significant amount of your success relies on providing the right message to the right audience. Direct mail campaigns simplify that by allowing users to target audiences based on all sorts of data points. And creating a message that resonates with audiences becomes much easier after narrowing down your audience. You can build your ideal audience based on a variety of data points, including:


  • Age
  • Household/Family Size
  • Income
  • Homeownership Status
  • Gender
  • And Many More!


For instance, let’s say you have a CBD-based pain-relief product available for sale. A targeted direct mail campaign focused on seniors aged 65 and above could be exactly what it takes to increase sales for the CBD pain relief product. GrowMail’s targeting abilities don’t stop there, either. You can also target specific zip codes that contain a high concentration of your target audience by using GrowMail’s exclusive Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Map Tool.

An iMac desktop in an modern office with targeted direct mail software.

Direct Mail Helps Keep Customer Acquisition Costs Low

Overspending on new customers is a costly mistake. If you’re unsure of how to calculate your customer acquisition costs (CAC), here’s the formula: Cost of Sales+Cost of Marketing/Number of New Customers. So if you spend $500 on social media campaigns, and you gain 50 new customers during the time they’re running your CAC amounts to $10. Even though that may not sound so expensive, direct mail could drastically reduce that cost.

You can send direct mail campaigns for as little as $0.19 per postcard. So let’s say you decide to execute an EDDM campaign, and you send postcards to 6,000 homes. Of the 6,000 mailers that were sent, 500 recipients wind up purchasing from your brand. These results would reduce your customer acquisition costs from $10 all the way down to $2.28 per customer. 

Including Direct Mail in Your Cannabis or CBD Marketing Strategy Helps Earn Trust

When it comes to CBD marketing, earning trust is your end goal. And there’s no better way to do that than through the mailboxes of your audience. Nowadays, there’s no shortage of marketing taking place online. But audiences are becoming more fatigued with digital marketing. Using this to your advantage by sending direct mail campaigns allows you to boost the odds of getting your message heard. 

Direct Mail also helps increase trust among skeptics. After all, while digital marketing is relatively new most of your audience members have been checking the mailbox for their whole lives. And when it comes to new, budding industries like CBD or cannabis you can’t overstate the importance of building trust. And direct mail is ideal for sharing assets that are capable of increasing trust like certifications, accomplishments or ratings and reviews.

Kickstart Your Next Cannabis or CBD Marketing Campaign With GrowMail!

A winning direct mail campaign has the potential to set CBD and cannabis businesses up for continued success. Get the results you need from your next campaign by relying on the experts at GrowMail. Possessing an understanding of the rules and regulations involved with cannabis and CBD marketing, our team of marketing specialists are ready to help you exceed your marketing goals. If you’re unsure of how to begin planning your next direct mail campaign, get your questions answered by scheduling a free consultation below. One of our marketing specialists would be happy to help guide you on the path to direct mail success.