How Direct Mail Contributes to HVAC Lead Generation

As spring approaches, it won’t be long before air conditioning units begin to show signs of wear and tear. And your goal is to make sure that your number is the one that’s called once those AC units begin breaking down. The best way to do that is to ensure that direct mail is a staple of your HVAC lead generation strategy. A few ways you can leverage direct mail to improve your HVAC lead generation efforts include:

You Can Spread the Word About Your Services With EDDM

There are numerous ways to include direct mail into your lead generation efforts. If you’re new to direct mail, parsing through these options can be overwhelming. But Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an excellent place to start. Here are a few reasons why:


  • EDDM Allows You to Send a Bigger Mailer for Less

    If you have multiple services you offer, EDDM is a great way of informing your community about them. That’s because you can send a mail piece like an oversized postcard or brochure to an entire mailing route without the need for a mailing list. Taking this approach also helps your marketing materials stand apart from that of your competitors.


  • EDDM Saves Time

    Considering how busy you already are, crafting a unique message and individually addressing each of your mailers likely isn’t feasible. That’s why it’s important to remember that mail sent using EDDM is delivered to each address on your selected mailing route. That means all you have to do is choose your mailing route, craft your message and choose your drop date.


  • Track Your Campaigns to Identify What’s Working

    Having measures in place capable of helping you track the success of your campaigns is a must. And GrowMail has a few methods of helping you track your campaign success, including QR codes, tracking phone numbers and unique URLs with landing pages. Once your campaign concludes, you gain access that allows you to see how impactful your campaign was.

Ramp Up Your HVAC Lead Generation By Leveraging Lesser-Used Marketing Resources

There are more marketing materials capable of helping you earn more leads than you think. And making them fixtures of your lead generation strategy is a must. Take door hangers for example. Let’s say that you’ve just completed a service visit at a home in an area you’ve never worked in before. Leaving door hangers on the houses surrounding your client’s could result in the increase in phone calls that you’ve been waiting for.

You can’t go wrong by providing your audience with something tangible to remember you by. Whether it’s door hangers, flyers, business cards or yard signs materials containing your branding and contact information could be exactly what it takes to prevent leads from going to competitors. That’s because most people would likely prefer to simply call the number of the first lawn care company that comes to mind rather than search for one online. And ensuring that your marketing materials are well-designed only increases the odds of recipients using your services.

Generate More HVAC Leads By Implementing an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest HVAC lead generation mistakes you could make is to assume that your audience only relies on one medium. Nowadays, your target audience consumes marketing messages in numerous ways. That’s why landscaping companies that prioritize implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy will exceed their lead generation goals. An omnichannel marketing strategy entails leveraging multiple mediums to spread your marketing message.

And implementing one is likely easier than you think. If you’re heavily reliant on Facebook or Instagram ads to generate more leads, a strong omnichannel strategy that includes direct mail grants you access to offline leads. And including comments or reviews from your Facebook or Google My Business page could be exactly what convinces new leads to try your service. Without an omnichannel strategy, you could be neglecting hundreds of customers interested in your services.

benefits of including direct mail in your hvac lead generation strategy

Get More Results From Your HVAC Lead Generation Efforts With Segmentation

Segmentation is essential to getting more results from your HVAC lead generation efforts. That’s because segmenting your audience allows you to more effectively address the specific pain points your target audience is facing. A few segmentation options you can leverage on your next campaign include:

  • Discount Zones

    If you’re hoping to gain new clientele in a specific area that contains a high concentration of people in your target audience, Discount Zones make complete sense. That’s because you can use GrowMail’s Discount Zone map tool to identify mailing routes you can send mail to at lower prices. 

  • Targeted Direct Mail/Mailing List

    Suppose there’s a specific target audience of leads you’d like to target with personalized messaging. If that’s the case, targeted direct mail is the solution for you. And you can create your mailing list using criteria like income, age, marriage status and more. Crafting personalized messaging specifically catered towards the concerns the members on your mailing list have could lead to a long, fruitful relationship.  

  • Automated Direct Mail

    GrowMail’s API can be easily integrated with your CRM. Leveraging the API allows you to automatically send direct mail to your leads that meet your desired thresholds. This is essential for saving time when it comes to following up with leads that have gone cold.

Let GrowMail Help You Get The HVAC Lead Generation Results You’re Striving For

Implementing an HVAC lead generation strategy that works is easier said than done. Fortunately, GrowMail can help if you aren’t getting the results you need from your current HVAC lead generation efforts. Hundreds of HVAC companies throughout the nation rely on our suite of proven marketing solutions for assistance earning new customers. To find out why so many HVAC companies rely on GrowMail for help with HVAC lead generation, schedule a free consultation today. The knowledgeable, reputable marketing specialists at GrowMail are eager to help you start getting the results you need. To kickstart your next mailing campaign, schedule a free consultation below!