HVAC Marketing Solutions for Earning More Summer Clients

As temps begin to rise, it’s just a matter of time before air conditioning units throughout the nation begin giving out, leaving homeowners in the sweltering heat. Then, they’ll be forced to make a call to get it repaired. And if you play your cards right that means it’s just a matter of time before your phone begins ringing off the hook. Below, we’ll provide you with all the insight you need for leveraging HVAC marketing solutions that will help you attract and retain more clientele this summer:

The Importance of Seasonal HVAC Marketing Solutions

The competition for clientele in your area is fierce. That’s especially the case once the seasons change. That’s why familiarizing your community with your brand and the services you offer during the months in between is such a high priority for the most successful HVAC companies. Once a heater breaks down in the winter, or an AC unit malfunctions during the summer, most people will simply call the number on the postcard they saved on the kitchen counter.

Or let’s say for instance that you’ve been dealing with an issue with your air conditioner, and one day it goes out completely. In this case, the HVAC company that’s been sending postcards, flyers, or brochures to this home will likely earn this client’s business as opposed to whoever comes up first on Google. That’s especially the case if you’ve used their services in the past and were happy with the outcome. Ultimately, the goal of leveraging seasonal HVAC marketing solutions like summer postcards is to position your business for being the “go-to” for your community once something breaks.

Best Options for HVAC Direct Mail Campaigns

Mailing campaigns are among the most trusted methods for spreading the word about your HVAC services. One reason why so many HVAC companies rely on us for direct mail campaigns is because of the abundance of mailing options we provide. Those options include:

  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):

If you’re attempting to create inroads with a new community, this is an option you can’t overlook. That’s because EDDM campaigns enable you to send a postcard or brochure into every home on a mailing route of your choice. And with GrowMail’s EDDM Map Tool, you can easily identify mailing routes that contain key members of your target audience.


  • Saturation Mail:

Saturation mailing campaigns enable you to get the best of our targeting capabilities, along with EDDM. That’s because you can use saturation direct mail to create a mailing list of recipients composed of your target audience at a lower price than targeted direct mail. The combination of postage as low as $0.19 per postcard, along with control over targeting, tracking and drop date.


  • New Mover Direct Mail:

Connecting with new members of your community once they move in is essential to earning their loyalty long-term. After all, there are numerous providers in the area, so being first to service a broken furnace or AC unit could go a long way. To help position yourself as the go-to person for newcomers, GrowMail enables HVAC businesses to rely on our new mover program for as low as $69.95.


  • Targeted Direct Mail:

Leveraging GrowMail’s targeted direct mail capabilities enable you to build your mailing list based on the demographic insights you value the most. These insights include homeownership status, household size, income levels and more. Additionally, targeted direct mail campaigns allow you to personalize your postcards. This enables your mailers to stand out head and shoulders above competitors.

why targeted direct mail is among the best hvac marketing solutions

How to Track the Results of Your HVAC Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve determined which mailing option suits your goals best, it’s time to decide how you’ll track your results. Tracking your campaigns allows you to optimize future marketing materials for better results than your previous campaigns. We provide multiple options for tracking your campaign, including:

  • QR Codes:

Seeing a QR code on a postcard or brochure you receive accomplishes a few things. Along with capturing the attention of recipients who likely didn’t anticipate seeing it, including one on your postcard makes scheduling a service date simple. That’s because your QR code leads recipients onto the page with just the click of a smartphone. And once your campaign concludes, you’ll receive a report of how many recipients scanned it.

  • Unique Landing Pages:

Most people receiving your postcard will anticipate seeing a website URL on it. But what they may not expect is for the content on that landing page is personalization, along with messaging that reinforces the message on the postcard that was sent. This is exactly what it might take for certain leads to keep your HVAC company in mind once something breaks down. And when that happens, and people navigate to make their way onto your landing page, you’ll receive a breakdown of how much traffic it received at the end of your campaign.


  • Tracking Phone Number:

GrowMail makes the process of sourcing phone calls that came in as a result of your mailing campaign simple. That’s because we provide you with a specialized phone number on your postcards. And recipients begin calling in using that phone number, you’ll be able to gauge how successful your campaign was due to the report you’ll receive afterwards informing you of how many you received.

You can’t go wrong regardless of which tracking method you select. Any of the above will provide you with the insight necessary to make course corrections on future campaigns.

What to Include in Your HVAC Marketing Materials to Get The Responses You Need

Once you’ve determined which mailing solution you’d like to use, along with your preferred tracking method, it’s time for the hard part: crafting your campaign. Fortunately, the experience of conducting hundreds of campaigns  for HVAC businesses just like yours has enabled us to share pointers about what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few items to include in your mailing campaigns that can result in new repeat customers:

  • Ratings and Reviews:

As stellar as your marketing copy is, audiences would prefer to hear from other customers instead. That’s why so many people nowadays read ratings and reviews prior to committing to using a new provider. By including testimonials, certification and positive reviews directly on your mailers allows you to build trust with new customers faster than you might think. Additionally, placing reviews directly on your mailers ensures that your audience won’t get distracted by the positive reviews a competitor may have.


  • Attention-Capturing Design:

Designing a postcard, for many, is the most intimidating aspect of conducting an HVAC direct mail campaign. If you’re unsure of how to get your campaign started, try browsing through our library of free direct mail templates. If you’d prefer to leave the artwork to the experts, you can rest assured that the creative team at GrowMail can bring your vision to life. Our proven, reliable design team is one of the main reasons so many HVAC companies continue relying on us for summer direct mail campaigns.


  • Straightforward Call to Action:

Recipients won’t take the next step you want them to unless that action is clearly defined. That’s why your call-to-action is just as important as your design (if not more!) Providing audiences with a strong, compelling call to action could be exactly what it takes to earn the long-term clientele you’ve been hoping for.

HVAC marketing solutions for earning more clientele this summer

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Don’t waste another summer pouring money down the drain by relying on broken marketing strategies. The GrowMail team has been helping HVAC businesses like yours exceed their sales and marketing goals by leveraging a variety of proven strategies. What you’ve just read is only the tip of the iceberg. To begin making the most out of battle-tested HVAC marketing solutions this summer, schedule a free consultation below. The friendly, knowledgeable marketing specialists at GrowMail are eager to hear from you.