Postcard Marketing Strategies for Gyms That Help to Boost Memberships

People all over the country use the new year as a reason for prioritizing fitness goals. That makes the beginning of the year crunch time for gyms and fitness centers hoping to boost memberships. Direct mail campaigns are instrumental in helping fitness centers and gyms gain more new members. Some of the most effective postcard marketing strategies for gyms and fitness centers hoping to increase memberships include:

Simplifying Your Sign-Up Process

Your audience has their pick of the litter when it comes to searching for a gym to join. Give your gym or fitness center the competitive edge by using your postcard to kickstart a frictionless sign-up process. Here are a few suggestions for using postcards to simplify your onboarding process:

  • QR Code That Takes Recipients to a Sign-Up Page

    QR codes are good for much more than ordering food. By including a QR code on your postcard, you can lead recipients directly onto a landing page where they can sign up. An added bonus is that you can use QR codes to
    track how many recipients found your mailer interesting enough to scan it. This could provide valuable insights for refining future campaigns.


  • Include a Link to a Unique Landing Page Where Recipients Can Sign-Up

    Another way of creating an easy-peasy sign up process using postcards is by providing recipients with a campaign-specific URL and landing page. The fact that this URL is different from your usual website will likely grab your audience’s attention. And you can use the landing page to ask valuable questions capable of helping to get recipients into your gym sooner rather than later.


  • Provide Social Media Information

    Your postcard has the potential to get recipients to finally begin thinking about how to get started on their fitness journey. But the reality is that recipients may need more convincing before finally visiting your gym. Including your social media information allows recipients to connect with you whenever they have questions about getting started. Additionally, recipients may find insights or content on your social media channels that answer their questions and convince them to sign up for a membership.

Why Providing Educational Material is One of the Most Effective Postcard Marketing Strategies For Gyms

One of the most effective postcard marketing strategies for gyms is to use the mailbox to build trust. And showcasing your expertise when it comes to fitness and nutrition with recipients is an ideal way to begin winning the trust of skeptics. For instance, you may have numerous members of your audience that have their sights set on a healthier diet. By sending postcards that provide pointers on best foods to eat for building muscle, you could be providing immense value to that audience.


And placing that type of expertise on display for your recipients could be exactly what it takes to set your gym apart from the competition. Another way to use postcards to build trust while helping your gym stand out is by sharing details about the amenities members benefit from. If your training equipment is state-of-the-art, or you have trainers with a specific expertise, be sure to tell your audience! Doing so could make a bigger impact on your ability to increase memberships than you might think.

one of the most effective postcard marketing strategies for gyms is to display workout equipment & amenities

One of the Most Underused Postcard Marketing Strategies For Gyms: Leveraging User Generated Content

People often need to envision themselves using a particular service or product before trying it out for themselves. The same goes for people that are on the fence about joining a new gym. Make it easier for recipients to picture themselves working out in your gym by prioritizing user generated content in your next postcard marketing campaign. There are a few ways you can leverage user generated content within your postcards, including:

  • Ratings and Reviews

    The fact of the matter is that nowadays, just about everyone reads online reviews before making any kind of purchase. Often, that also includes gym memberships. Don’t let recipients get swayed by the wonderful reviews someone leaves a competitor. By using postcards to showcase your high ratings and reviews, you could eliminate the possibility of losing a highly interested potential member to a competitor.


  • Testimonials

    Every member of your gym has a story behind their experience. Maybe someone at your gym has been particularly helpful in helping a member overcome an injury. Perhaps a member dealing with stress or unhappiness in their personal life found joy in working out at your gym. By sharing these stories, something may resonate with recipients enough to get them to commit to purchasing a membership.


  • Before and After Photos

    Don’t underestimate the power of pictures. By including a photo that documents one of your members’ fitness journey could provide the motivation necessary to get recipients to take the first steps towards getting in shape. There are a multitude of obstacles that could be preventing recipients from joining your gym. Maybe they’ve tried exercising before, but received less than stellar results. Maybe a recipient simply doesn’t think your gym is capable of implementing a program that leads to their desired results. Providing progress pictures on postcards has the potential to dispel all types of notions regarding your gym.

Prioritizing Targeted Messaging is Among the Smartest Postcard Marketing Strategies for Gyms to Leverage. Here’s Why:

Providing the right message to the appropriate audience when it matters most is the goal of every campaign. Doing so allows recipients to feel that your brand is speaking directly to them. That’s why crafting specific messages for particular audiences you’re hoping to reach is one of the most effective postcard marketing strategies for gyms. Pretend that you’re hoping to spread the word about a sign-up special for seniors near your gym or fitness center. You could use a postcard marketing campaign to send mailers describing the details of the program to all of the seniors, 60+.

Using GrowMail’s EDDM map tool, you can search for mailing routes near your gym or fitness center with a high concentration of that target audience. This allows you to mail them to every address on that mailing route. GrowMail’s Targeted Direct Mail abilities allow you to create mailing lists based on the demographics of your target audience. Creating mailing lists based on age, income level, marriage status and more couldn’t be easier. A clear message, and stellar design, combined with a well-defined audience has the potential to make your next direct mail campaign one to remember.

eddm map tool breakdown - postcard marketing strategies for gyms that help increase membership levels

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