What to Include in Your Dental Postcards to Attract New Patients

Sending dental postcards that result in new appointments without making sure you’ve got all the right resources in place is something like attempting to complete a root canal without your drill. It’s impossible! Fortunately, including the right content on your postcards is easy. Some of the most impactful resources to leverage in your next batch of dental postcards include:

Patient Photos and Reviews

Nowadays, it goes without saying that reviews are an essential step of the shopping process. Taking that into consideration, providing feedback from previous patients can be instrumental in helping your recipients decide whether or not to schedule an appointment with you. By including reviews or testimonials on your dental postcards, you can provide recipients with the valuable patient feedback they seek. And this way, you don’t have to worry about potential new patients being distracted by the stellar reviews competing dental offices may have.

Along with reviews, prospective patients also place a considerable amount of stock in photos. So imagine receiving two different postcards from two competing dental offices near you advertising spring teeth cleaning specials. The first postcard entails photos of happy patients in a professional, comfortable clean dentist office, while the other postcard lacks photos and only contains generic sales and copy. It’s no secret that most recipients would eagerly book an appointment with the dental office that sent the first postcard rather than the latter.

An Easy-To-Use Booking Method

It’s no secret that people gravitate towards simplicity. That’s why you can’t expect recipients of your postcard to schedule an appointment with you unless you make it easy to do so. A few of the most effective methods for getting more of your dental postcard recipients to schedule an appointment with you include:

  • Specialized Landing Page/URL:

Getting recipients to schedule an appointment with you means you’ll need a proven method of reinforcing your message. Otherwise they’ll book appointments with the first provider they find on Google once a need arises. Including a unique URL and landing page is essential for driving your point home, while allowing recipients to quickly and easily schedule appointments.

  • QR Code:

You’re more likely to come across a QR code at your local bar or restaurant than you are on a postcard. But that’s part of the reason why you benefit from including one in your dental postcard – the fact that it helps your mailer stand out is a huge plus. Additionally, including a QR code on your direct mail can quickly allow recipients to book an appointment with a simple snapshot using their smartphone.

  • Unique Phone Number:

Similar to including a QR code in your dental direct mail, there are multiple benefits to including a unique phone number in your mailer. First is that a unique phone number different from your every day line helps you source how many appointments you landed as a result of your mailing campaign. Additionally, a unique phone number can be easier for recipients to remember, in turn making it easier for them to book an appointment with you.

Include an Attention Capturing Design in Your Dental Postcards

Design is one of the biggest obstacles preventing dental offices from capitalizing on the benefits of direct mail. The good news is, dental postcard design doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. That’s because GrowMail provides users with a library of fully-designed customizable direct mail templates you can use to get started. Additionally, GrowMail also has a staff of creative, skilled designers that is capable of helping you to bring your idea to life.

Leveraging proven design resources eliminates much of the heavy lifting out of planning your next direct mail campaign. Leaving your design in the hands of the professionals at GrowMail also frees you up so you can tend to the rest of your regular responsibilities. Outsourcing design could result in spending hundreds of dollars on design that doesn’t deliver results. By relying on GrowMail for your creative, you can rest assured that your dental postcard design contains elements capable of instantly capturing your audience’s attention.

how to send dental office postcards that result in more new patients.

Targeting and Personalization

Nowadays, people anticipate personalization within the marketing materials they receive. Failure to meet your audience’s expectations when it comes to providing personalized, relevant marketing material has the potential to render your marketing efforts useless. Fortunately, executing your next campaign with GrowMail allows you to leverage targeted direct mail. And you can personalize your postcards, while targeting audiences based on a wide range of criteria, including:

  • Family Size:

Suppose you’re attempting to get more families to schedule dental appointments. In that case, sending postcards with verbiage emphasizing your practice’s commitment to the dental hygiene of both adults and children will probably be more impactful than a generic, “one-size-fits all” postcard. Combining personalization with messaging that resonates does wonders for helping to differentiate your practice from competitors.

  • Household Income Levels:

Let’s pretend that you’re attempting to connect with higher income members of your community. In that case, it would be a waste of time sending a mass mailer to everyone. By leveraging GrowMail’s targeted direct mail capabilities, you can send mailers strictly to members of your community that fall within certain income thresholds.

  • Age:

Imagine that you’d like to provide seniors with information regarding a special offer for dentures. This would be an ideal scenario to send postcards to communities with a high concentration of older people. Using GrowMail’s Discount Zone map tool, you can easily identify communities that contain a high population of elderly citizens. And with EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), your mail gets sent to each home on a mailing route.

Begin Sending Better Dental Postcards Today With GrowMail

To get the results you need from your next dental direct mail campaign, rely on proven strategies from the experts at GrowMail. Our staff of knowledgeable, friendly direct mail experts is eager to get your campaign off the ground. Dental offices throughout the nation rely on GrowMail for battle-tested resources capable of increasing the amount of appointments you schedule. To find out why, schedule a free consultation with GrowMail below!