7 Tips for Real Estate Postcard Marketing Success

If you’re at a loss when it comes to deciding how to spread the word about your real estate services, you aren’t alone. Realtors everywhere have thrown thousands of dollars in the trash by relying on failing marketing strategies over the years. So it makes complete sense to be cognizant of how you invest your marketing dollars. Thanks to low-cost solutions that deliver results, like real estate postcard marketing campaigns, getting the results you need at affordable prices is simple.

Running a successful real estate postcard marketing campaign is easier than you think, too. All it takes is knowing what strategies to employ. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind that can help you make the most of your next campaign:

Prioritize Tracking Lead Attribution

You could be running the most successful real estate postcard marketing campaign of all time. But if you don’t track how much business the campaign generated, no one truly knows how impactful it was. That’s where attribution tracking enters the picture. By tracking the source of your leads, you can easily identify how much of an impact your campaigns are having. Here’s how GrowMail tracks lead attribution from your real estate postcard marketing campaigns:

  • Landing Pages:
    It goes without saying that adding a website or URL to postcards that you send is an effective way to get recipients to contact you. But creating a unique landing page with your direct mail campaigns is also a great way to track how many people engage with your postcard. That’s because GrowMail’s landing page solution seamlessly tracks how many landing page visits you get.
  • Call Tracking:
    Similar to unique landing pages, you can also use call tracking to identify how many people have used your postcard to inquire about your services. GrowMail eliminates the extra step of asking how callers found their way to you too. That’s because GrowMail does the tracking for you, taking note each time a member of your mailing list calls in.
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition:
    Another key metric that can help you gauge the success of your real estate postcard marketing campaign is cost-per-acquisition. But breaking down that cost can be time-consuming and confusing. Fortunately, running your real estate postcard marketing campaign with GrowMail allows you to easily view the cost-per-acquisition associated with it.

Cost-per-acquisition formula:

Marketing costs + Sales generated / customers gained = Cost per customer.

Make Personalization a Staple of Your Real Estate Postcard Marketing Campaign

Think back to the time when you last received a handwritten letter or card in the mail. The feelings that ensued were probably a mix of warmth, that someone thought enough to send you something. There was likely a sense of anticipation to read what they have to say mixed in too. You can deliver that same level of excitement to recipients of your real estate postcards by emphasizing personalization.

The difference between postcards that feature an element of personalization and ones that don’t is immense. Picture this, you’ve recently just moved into a new neighborhood and life couldn’t be better. You checked your mail, and you receive a postcard addressing you personally, welcoming you into the neighborhood. Several years pass, and now you need to sell in exchange for a bigger home. 

Who are you more likely to give your business to? The realtor who introduced themselves to you right away, and continues to send mailers for holidays and other occasions – or the one who sent you a postcard once last week that was addressed to “current resident”?  If you choose the latter, the power of personalization wins again.

Get Creative With Your Postcard Design

A winning real estate postcard marketing campaign depends on artwork that catches the eye. But it’s no secret that some (most?) of us aren’t that artistically gifted. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on your own talents, or those of anyone on your marketing team to nail down your postcard design. That’s because GrowMail has an award-winning creative team capable of doing the heavy lifting for you.

As always, your feedback is valued, so our creative team is more than happy to take any of your concerns into consideration during the design process. Creating vibrant, high-quality designs for real estate postcard marketing campaigns is our bread and butter. Not having to worry about designing postcards for your campaign allows you to remain focused on the numerous other responsibilities you’re tasked with.

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Include Clear, Actionable Calls-to-Action In Your Postcards

One of the most crucial elements of your real-estate postcard is the call-to-action. Failing to master the finer aspects of it can completely derail your entire campaign. That’s why you need to keep it as clear as possible. The more confusing your call to action is, the higher the likelihood of recipients tossing it into the trash.

Think about it this way, which is likely to be something you save on your kitchen counter: the postcard that says “SAVE THOUSANDS ON YOUR NEXT HOME!” or the one that has multiple paragraphs, a headshot, along with a quote and some variation of “call me!” The choice is clear. If you don’t want your marketing dollars to quite literally go to waste, ensure that your call-to-action is clear and concise.

Make Taking the Next Step Easy For Recipients of Your Postcard

Successful real estate postcards are filled with elements that distinguish them from junk mail. One way to do that is by making it as easy as possible for recipients to take the next step you want them to take. Let’s say for example that you want recipients to book a reservation for an open house. 

There are dozens of ways you can gently nudge your postcard recipients towards taking action, too. A great way to make booking that slot easier would be adding a QR code that would immediately take recipients to a site where they can make their reservation. The benefits that come with creating a seamless process for taking next steps could have a ripple effect throughout your sales process. 

Rely on Targeted Mail Software to Connect With Your Ideal Clients

One of the biggest benefits of real estate postcard marketing campaigns is that they allow you to connect with your ideal clients so easily. If there’s a particular demographic you want to reach, GrowMail can make it happen. Some examples of the segments you can target with GrowMail’s state of the art targeting capabilities include:

  • Married couples earning a combined income of $150,000 or more
  • Single renters 
  • Married couples with at least 2 children
  • Single earners of $100,000 or more within these zip codes: 44128, 44131, 44125 and 44119.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the level of targeting GrowMail can provide you with. You can connect with a marketing specialist below to learn more about targeting your core demographic during your next real estate postcard marketing campaign

Partner With A Direct Mail Provider With a Track Record of Executing Successful Real Estate Postcard Marketing Campaigns

Without the right partner, pulling off a successful real estate postcard marketing campaign may seem nearly impossible. But the right partner can eliminate all of the concerns you may have about getting started with one of your own. That’s where the knowledgeable and proven marketing specialists at GrowMail come in. To find out why realtors continue to depend on GrowMail for more new business, book a free consultation below!

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