Proven Methods for Effective Realtor Farming Postcards

Getting your realtor farming postcards right is a must for getting the results you need this year. Realtor farming postcards are sent to residents within a particular location multiple times within a predetermined time frame. Sending them is essential for making a lasting first impression capable of helping you win the business of new clientele.  For your realtor farming postcards to yield more sales, here are several proven strategies you need to leverage.

The First Tip For Your Realtor Farming Postcards: Showcase Your Expertise With Relevant Updates

Your ability to quickly get eager buyers into the homes of their dreams isn’t the only thing you bring to the table. Market-savvy realtors are always on top of the most recent developments within the housing market. Perhaps homes in a particular neighborhood are selling at a higher price than at the same time last year. Sending realtor farming postcards communicating this information could motivate recipients who’ve been on the fence about selling to move forward.

It’s impossible to overstate how valuable your expertise is. After all, your audience is busy. And sending this information by mail could be the only way they learn about these crucial insights. Additionally, sharing these insights on a well-designed mailer increases the chances of recipients saving and sharing it with others.

Next Tip For Your Realtor Farming Postcards: Track the Results of Your Campaign

Being able to revise and refine your realtor farming postcards is essential to getting the results you’re hoping for. That’s why tracking should be a priority. Some of the most effective ways to track the results of your postcards include:

  • Tracking URL & Landing Page:

    Once your audience receives your farming postcard, some of them will try to engage with your brand online. You can track which recipients found your mailer compelling enough to engage with by including a unique URL. By including a link associated with only your farming postcards, you can see how many people visited your site as a result of your mailer once your campaign concludes.


  • Tracking Phone Number:

    Including a tracking phone number on your realtor farming postcards is another simple way to track the results of your mailer. Let’s say you get a phone call from a prospect that’s interested in kickstarting the home buying process and you ask how they heard about you. But taking a note each time someone mentions that they found you because of your mailer could eat up too much time. By including a tracking phone number you can easily track the results of your mailer without taking time away from other responsibilities.


  • QR Codes:

    There are multiple ways QR codes can help enhance your campaign. First is that they capture the attention of recipients who only expect to see them at a restaurant. Next, is that they make tracking easier than you can imagine. Recipients who are interested in your message will see your QR code on your mailer. Then, they’ll scan it using their smartphone. Once your campaign ends, you’ll be able to see how many people found your mailer engaging enough to scan your QR code.

A Real Estate Farming Postcard Tip That Often Goes Overlooked: Thoroughly Research Your Desired Mailing Routes

One of the worst mistakes that you could make when it comes to realtor farming postcards is mailing blindly. That’s especially true considering the free tools available that can help you research your mailing routes before finalizing your campaign. Let’s say for instance that you’re hoping to reach an area that consists of a high concentration of homeowners with an average income of at least $100,000.

You can use GrowMail’s EDDM Map Tool to unveil the percentage of homeowners within a specific mailing route, along with the area’s income statistics. Not using GrowMail’s map tool prior to finalizing your campaign could result in overspending on a mailing list you don’t really need. Or even worse, your message could wind up going to an audience of recipients that it doesn’t resonate with.

Another Underused Realtor Farming Postcard Tip: Include Reviews From Happy Clientele

It’s no secret that winning the trust of new customers is harder than ever. That’s why the most successful real estate farming postcards include content from customers. There are a few different ways you can go about featuring feedback from happy customers in realtor farming postcards, too.

  • Testimonials:

    The home buying process can be challenging for a myriad of reasons. Have previous customers have been willing to provide you with a positive testimonial? If so, including it in your farming postcards is a must. That’s because recipients could envision themselves having the same type of positive experience with you while preparing to enter the market.


  • Third-Party Ratings & Review Sites:

    If you collect star ratings or customer reviews from sources like Angi, Yelp or Google, don’t let them just fester on the web. Share your high star ratings with your audience who may be skeptical of your services by including them in your realtor farming postcards. Nowadays, it’s fair to assume that these recipients would check out your reviews online prior to buying or selling a home with you anyway!


  • Social Media Feedback:

    If you’re active on social media, you probably have likes and comments flooding your pages. Social media plays a massive role in our lives these days. Taking that into mind, you’d be remiss not to include the great things your audience says about you on social media in your farming postcards. Additionally, sharing the social media where you’re most active also makes connecting with you easier in case recipients have questions.

Final Realtor Estate Postcard Tip: Partner With GrowMail to Get the Results You’re Striving For

Realtor farming postcards can have a lasting impact on your business when executed properly. Thousands of realtors nationwide rely on GrowMail for realtor farming postcards that deliver results. Find out why by scheduling a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable, friendly  marketing specialists below.